Talking about Pump Drainage Automation

In excavation of deep foundation pit and other deep excavation projects, due to the seepage of foundation pit, a large amount of stagnant water must be pumped to the lower reaches of the riverbed by pumps to control the water accumulation at the lowest water level (bottom valve Office) above. I

GAC Group's "Eleventh Five-Year" Ranked among China's Auto Four

Report from the reporter (Reporter Huang Tao) When GAC Group, which has joined Hyundai Motor and launched its listing plan, is getting more and more attention from the industry, the reporter learned from the relevant channels yesterday that the GAC Group has already formulated the “

Annually producing 500,000 tons of methanol plant gasifier in Nanjing

On May 22, the first 500,000 tons/year methanol plant gasifier installed in the Chemical Machinery Plant of Sinopec Nanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was shipped to the engineering site of the Shandong Yanzhou Mining Bureau. The Nanhua Chemicals Factory produced a total of three gasifiers, e

Circulation pump standard summary

Standard Number Standard Chinese Name Standard English name
GB4706.71-2003 and similar electrical appliances for safe heating and Safety of household and similar electrical
Particular requirements for fixed circulation pumps for water supply appliances
Pumps for h

China's pump valve industry is facing "shuffle"

After several decades of development, China's pump and valve industry has basically achieved self-sufficiency in its main products and exported some products. At the same time, the valve and valve industry has also witnessed serious competition in the low-level homogeneity of enterprises,

Volvo continues to expand in China

Leif Johansson, President of Volvo Group, announced at the Capital Markets Conference on June 21 that the Volvo Group will continue to develop and expand in Asia, especially in China and Eastern Europe. He said that currently Volvo’s main markets are the Americas and Europe, while

Business buyout stock car six-cylinder Grand Cherokee price of 358,000 yuan

Business buyout stock car six-cylinder Grand Cherokee price of 358,000 yuan merchants buy out of stock car customers can get a new one this Monday, a group of six-cylinder domestic Grand Cherokee will enter the Beijing market with a price of 358,000 yuan. According to Luo Xiang, general m