Type of temperature measuring instrument

Type of temperature measuring instrument With the development of science and technology and the needs of modern industrial technology, temperature measurement technology has also been conti

Sealing material use

Sealing material use The sealing material can be formulated into a liquid or paste during use, applied between the contact surfaces of the two parts, and cured under certain conditions or w

Advanced fasteners are the basis of high-end machinery manufacturing

As we all know, the current fastener industry has encountered unprecedented challenges, especially for export-oriented enterprises, the EU anti-dumping has been established, the United States and other countries have also proposed the "double reverse" of carbon steel fasteners; China&

Routine inspection process after the garbage truck is received

Routine inspections after the collection of garbage trucks generally require the following items:
First, cleaning garbage truck bins, in the cleaning process, it is best to do a fixed cleaning, the best direct sewage into the sewer, do not stay on