Advanced fasteners are the basis of high-end machinery manufacturing

As we all know, the current fastener industry has encountered unprecedented challenges, especially for export-oriented enterprises, the EU anti-dumping has been established, the United States and other countries have also proposed the "double reverse" of carbon steel fasteners; China's fasteners In the raw materials, manufacturing processes, advanced technologies and markets, etc. are faced with various tests, with the rapid development of the automotive industry, the status quo and future of fastener technology has become a very worthy of attention in the field of automobile development in China, has aroused widespread concern Contains huge business opportunities.
The GB/T 3098.1-2010 "The fasteners mechanical properties of bolts, screws and studs," the release of the new standard, stressed that the material requirements for grade 8.8 and above products should have sufficient hardenability to ensure that the fastener thread section The core obtained approximately 90% of the martensitic structure prior to quenching and tempering. In fact, for fasteners with 8.8-thread diameters over 20 mm, to ensure good hardenability, alloy steel materials specified in the standard shall be quenched and tempered. For this reason, metallographic examination has been rapidly developed in the fastener industry. Metallographic examination is not only the use of metallographic microscopes to study the internal structure of metal materials, but also macroscopic inspections by the naked eye or under low magnification magnifying glass.
Advanced fasteners are the basis of high-end machinery manufacturing, and its role can be described as "a four-pronged effort." The value of fasteners on the surface only accounts for a few percent of the machinery industry. In essence, the added value it brings to key components and equipment is much higher. For example, automotive fasteners are high economic value fasteners. Due to the high requirements on quality and reliability, China's production can not fully achieve localization; the engine is used for key parts of the engine connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, Wheel bolts, suspension bolts, etc., are important fasteners related to life and property safety, and currently 30% to 50% are imported. Although their manufacturing technologies have some similarities with common fasteners, their manufacturing and inspection technologies, equipment, materials, and management controls are all very different. They are the highest and most concentrated expression of fastener technology. .
The main failure mode of high-strength bolts is fatigue, which is characterized by sudden failure without obvious deformation. The key to solving the problem of fatigue failure is heat treatment technology. The heat treatment not only gives the material ultimate performance and gives the high-strength bolt the ultimate service performance, providing protection for high-strength bolts. Therefore, the heat treatment of the fastener is very important. Some companies think about the importance of heat treatment and the improvement of technology when heat treatment causes product quality problems.
Heat treatment is a key technology to control the performance of fasteners, ensure long life and safety, and is a core element of the competitiveness of advanced materials and high-end machinery and equipment. All fastener manufacturers in the world that produce brand-name products have always attached great importance to the research and development of heat treatment technology. Through extensive investment, long-term accumulation and continuous improvement, they have mastered unique heat treatment technology and kept strict confidentiality. Others can create geometric elements and complete precision. The same imitation, however, the service life and reliability are difficult to expect.
With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the status quo and future of fastener technology have become a very noteworthy area for the development of automobiles in China, which has aroused widespread concern. The current integration of the fastener industry with the economies of various countries in the world continues to accelerate. The product quality and technical level of the fastener industry put forward higher and higher requirements. Whether the fastener industry can continuously improve its overall level will be related to whether it can shorten the overall gap between China's automobiles, major technical equipment and foreign advanced level. In order to adapt to the car's increasingly safe, more energy-efficient, noise-reducing, pollutant emissions increasingly stringent demand, automotive fasteners and fastening technology will be how to reduce weight, load capacity, aesthetics, special purpose vehicles and other development? Global Automotive Information Network has carefully planned and invited industry experts and scholars on the current need for new fastener manufacturing technology. Which new technologies, equipment, and application experience can help auto manufacturers increase their competitiveness? What challenges and revolutions will materials and manufacturing processes face? What are the trends in the design and development of fastener materials and fastening products at home and abroad?
In response to this issue, on September 12, 2013, the AO Fasteners Fastening Technology and Testing Technology International Summit Forum was held in Nanjing. Mr. Zhao Youjie, Chief Engineer of Banno, and Ms. Lu Xia, Sales Manager, were honoured to attend the meeting. The chief engineer briefed the guests at the forum on the new products of our company's fasteners transverse vibration fatigue testing machine and multi-functional fastener analysis system equipment. Our company's special testing equipment for fasteners provides a true and reliable theoretical basis for the tightening process of fasteners by testing and analyzing the mechanical properties, clamping force, torque and friction coefficient of fasteners.
The guests present at the meeting enthusiastically spoke and asked questions and showed great interest in the equipment of Bairro Company.
2013 Fastener Fastening Technology and Testing Technology International Summit Forum Photo

Mr. Zhao Youjie, chief engineer, answered questions from guests

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