Rice mill machine structure and function introduction

Rice miller is a kind of instrument that completes rice shelling and white rice milling at one time. It is widely used in food inspection. People use it mainly to understand the quality of rice more clearly. For example, after using rice mill to finish whitening Determination of

Large screen graphics dot matrix LCD

Product Description Take high-performance single-chip microcomputer as the core, adopt 3 independent voltage channels, 3 independent current channels, 3 current clamps, large-screen graphics dot-matrix LCD display, long-term nickel-hydrogen battery, battery management circuit, non-easy The har

Talking about the center axis

Recently, trailers and center axle trailers have been discussed a lot, so many people will ask what is the difference between the trailer and the center axis.

20-kilometer-long slope Fast reversal escort for heavy truck drivers

The fast sales of Fast Retarder in the market have been frequently reported. Recently, after supporting some users in northern Shaanxi, there were dozens of hydraulic retarders that were used as supporting vehicles for hazardous chemicals in Shanxi and h

Introduction to Determinants of Chromatographic Retention Time

The so-called retention time locking means that the retention time of a particular compound remains constant between different instruments and different columns (but the nominal stationary phase and the same phase).

I. Overview

The factors that determine the retention time

Jiangsu grain dryer incremental innovation high

This year, when rice was harvested, Jiangsu Province experienced continuous autumn rain, and as much rain as it did, it broke records in the same period of history. "Although the water content is large, but into the dryer, even if the grain was saved," said Li Xuefeng, director of the