Insiders look at the door! The six documents used car trade can not be less

"I saw a second-hand Excelle, the price is very cheap, the condition is also very good, but the original owner lost the original invoice, which will certainly not pass the household, what should we do?" Xiao Ming ready to buy a car is very tangled, On the private letter omnipotent small i. In fact, the original car invoice lost can be re-submitted. However, the following documents you can look forward to, one used car trade can not be less!

1, car invoice   

    The car purchase invoice is also called the big ticket. It is the proof that the original owner purchased the new car. It records the information of the purchaser, the price of the vehicle, and the VIN code of the vehicle. Generally, it will be tripled in the hands of the owner, including invoices and payment of purchase tax. The Registration and Registration Association that is used when filing the Tax Union and on the vehicle inspection card should focus on checking whether there is a business certification. The second-hand car transfer ticket is the second-hand car invoice issued by the transfer hall. It is necessary to check whether the buyer's name is the same as the name of the owner of the car. Otherwise, the ticket is invalid.
Here, the first car network (dycwesc) small i can remind you that when requesting a car invoice must be confirmed within a limited period, or the car may turn into a "dead" when you sell!
2, vehicle certification   
     The vehicle certificate is an essential document for the vehicle when it is on the house. Only vehicles with certificates can meet the requirements of the State for vehicle equipment quality and related standards before being allowed to be on the market. That is to say, if you look at the used car without a "vehicle certificate," then you can't get a license, and it means that "theft" cannot take effect, even if you pay insurance costs. In this case, even if the vehicle was stolen, the current owner would have no choice but to suffer.
3, vehicle registration certificate  
    The registration certificate for motor vehicles, commonly known as the “Daben”, is the vehicle ownership certificate issued by the vehicle registration authority, including the basic information of first-time owners and vehicles, as well as all the procedures for changing, transferring property, and mortgage during the use of the vehicle. These are detailed in the Registration certificate. Therefore, in the second-hand car transaction process, the vehicle registration certificate is an important document for understanding the history of the car. It is necessary to check whether the owner’s name card number is consistent with the registration, whether the vehicle color and the rack number are the same as the original car information.
4, purchase tax payment certificate

    The tax payment tax payment certificate is actually the vehicle purchase tax invoice. It records the vehicle owner information, vehicle information, and tax payment information. It is an important part of vehicle registration procedures, property rights transfer, and vehicle movement procedures. Among them, the red chapter is covered in the above (taxation column) is a tax-exempted vehicle that has already paid taxes and is covered below (tax-free columns). If it is a tax-exempt vehicle and it belongs to the situation of transfer within 10 years, the purchase tax will be paid in accordance with the time after the transfer, and the pay-up standard will be 10 years. If the tax payment is less than one year, it shall be counted as one year.
5, three packs of service cards

    The automobile "Three Guarantees" policy stipulates that the repair period for automobile products shall not be less than three years or 60,000 kilometers, which means that even if they do not exceed the warranty period, they can enjoy the auto three pack policy. Among them, Article 27(3): In the case of the transfer of ownership of domestic automobile products within the warranty period of the domestic automobile products and the warranty period of the Three Guarantees, the three-guarantee certificate shall be transferred with the vehicle, and the Three Guarantees liability shall not be changed due to the transfer of ownership of the automobile. Of course, the premise is that the used car is within the warranty period.
6, vehicle instructions

    The vehicle instruction manual above not only indicates how to use the vehicle correctly, but also introduces the use of all the functions and parts of the vehicle. It also indicates the main technical parameters of the vehicle and the technical data necessary for maintenance and adjustment, providing a new owner with a car repair. Reference text. However, small i may have to remind i powder children, must use the vehicle in accordance with the requirements of the vehicle use manual, otherwise not according to the instructions to use the resulting vehicle damage, can not enjoy the manufacturers of three packs of service!

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