·Linggang Group officially managed Chaochai

Recently, Dongfeng Chaochai Power Co., Ltd. (referred to as Chaochai) official website released news that the company has been officially hosted by Linggang Group. Zhang Zhenyong, chairman and general manager of Linggang Group, served as chairman of Chaochai Power, and Wenguang, deputy general manager of Linggang Group, became general manager of Chaochai Power.
Chaochai is a large-scale key enterprise in China's automotive diesel engine industry. However, in recent years, under the increasingly fierce market competition situation, enterprises have gradually fallen into operational difficulties. In 2014, Chaochai's annual sales volume was only over 70,000 units, down more than 40% year-on-year. For the first time, it fell out of the top ten list of sales of diesel engines for vehicles, and it also set an unprecedented record low.
After Linggang Group entered Chaochai, it established its 2015 work priorities and goals. Wenguang, general manager of Chaochai Power, revolves around “Calculation of Will, Restructuring Strategy, Rebuilding Management, Regaining Confidence, Building a Healthy Mechanism, Smooth Production, Good Management, Adapting to Market Competition, and Chaocai Power with Continuous Innovation Capability; 2015 The focus of work is to control costs and expenses; strengthen market development, rationalize management, and basically achieve the company's healthy and stable development and on institutional reform and personnel appointments.
Chairman Zhang Zhenyong said that Linggang Group will be the strong backing of Chaochai Power and provide financial, management and other aspects of support.

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