Study the accuracy of gear and helical gear mechanism based on relevant theoretical analysis

There are many factors affecting the transmission accuracy, but it is mainly manifested in the inherent error caused by the production and processing or design of the gear itself, the error caused by the manufacture and processing of other components in the device and the cooperation with the gear, and the nature of the material itself (including material strength, hardness and Gear meshing rigidity, etc.), the error introduced by the external condition changes such as temperature due to the influence of temperature, such as grinding teeth, elastic deformation or runout, wherein the gear pair's own error factors mainly include: gear tangential comprehensive error, rolling bearing inner and outer ring diameter Jumping, gear matching clearance, pitch accumulation error, gear radial runout, common normal length variation, shaft runout, etc.
According to relevant theoretical analysis and experimental research, we can improve the transmission accuracy of the system from the following aspects: (1) Reduce the error source. The more sources of error, the greater the cumulative effect on the axis of rotation. The shaft drive scheme, the coupling type, the flank clearance, the connection with the shaft, the toothed fit, etc., the wear-resistant tube will have an influence on the accuracy. Reduce the source of error as much as possible, if possible.
(2) Improve the machining accuracy and installation accuracy of the entire transmission chain or some key components. The final gear transmission gear has the greatest influence on the deflection angle of the rotating shaft (the accuracy of the gear pair of some high-speed transmission mechanisms close to the input shaft has a great influence on the transmission error), and the error of the final stage and its adjacent gears and connectors is controlled. You can get effective control. The accuracy of the transmission output shaft and the load shaft and its coupling itself is also very important, improve the processing and installation accuracy, and analyze the factors affecting the reasonable gear transmission accuracy and experimental research.
Generally, the cylindrical spur gear and the helical gear mechanism have higher precision, the worm and the worm wheel are the second, and the bevel gear is relatively low. Among the planetary gear transmission mechanisms, the harmonic gear has the highest precision, and the involute and the small-tooth difference planetary gear mechanism is the second. The needle pin planetary mechanism is second. In the design process, you can optimize the matching drive combination according to your needs, choose 2K-H type, 3K type or KHV type, and 2K-V type RV transmission mechanism and KH type three-ring transmission mechanism which are evolved from these three basic forms. Internal translation gear transmission mechanism, etc. A new and more reasonable combination of transmission structures is used to meet transmission accuracy and other requirements. The transmission transmission ratio has a great influence on the accuracy. If the total transmission ratio is certain during design, reducing the number of transmission chain stages can reduce the transmission error, design the transmission ratio as reasonable as possible, and meet the requirements of accuracy, external dimensions, processability and economy. In the planetary transmission, the wheel train hysteresis is inversely proportional to the diameter of the sun gear indexing circle, and the dimension d can be avoided as much as possible during the design process. In addition, the water-cooled screw unit drive chain needs reasonable arrangement. Generally, in the reduction drive, the low-precision transmission mechanism (cone gear, worm gear mechanism, etc.) should be placed on the high-speed shaft, which can reduce the error of the low-speed shaft.
The anti-backlash mechanism and error compensation are used to reduce or eliminate the free motion. Common anti-backlash mechanism: adjustable center-to-center clearance, spring-loaded double-piece gear backlash, spiral drive anti-backlash mechanism, etc., can be contact spring, reasonable distribution, neural network error compensation and other methods.

STC Three Phase Alternator Suppliers
This series generators are to be used in town, countryside, worksites, mountain and pasture as electric power source for lighting purpose, it can also he used as reserved power source for emergent case using. 

The generators are of dripproof with rotary field type and adopt harmonic excitation system, easy operation and maintenance. 
The generators are three-phase, four-wire type, adopting star connection with neutral point. The rated line voltage is 400V, phase voltage 230V, frequency 50Hz. power factor 0.8(lag). We can provide 60Hz and the other voltage's generator according to the customer's request. 
They can be coupled with a prime mover directly or through v-belt making right or reverse continuous rotation at the rated speed. When the rotation speed of prime mover changs 3% or so and load varies in the range of 0~100% cos j 0.8~1.0, the generators offer constant voltage, when sudden change (increase or decrease) of load, the generator will soon return to their normal working state, at the same time, without any starting device the generator can directly start an unloaded squirrel cage induction motor.

Operating Condiyions: 
Under the following environment, The generator could be continuous and rated running: 
1.Above sea level: Not exceed 1000m 
2.Cooling air temperature: 258~313K(-15 oC ~ 40 oC) 

3.Relative air damping: not exceed 90%  

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STC Series Three Phase Alternator

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