What are the sprinkler music?

When we walk on the streets of the city, as long as the sprinklers carry the water on the road, we will always hear the music that belongs to them. However, sometimes there are people who respond to the sprinkler music too old. In order to solve this pr

Johnson Controls to Provide Lithium Battery for Plug-in Hybrid Trucks

Johnson Controls recently announced that as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s transportation electrification plan, the company will supply approximately 120 large plug-in hybrid trucks with lithium-ion batteries.

OdyneSystems will supply plug-in hybrid systems for ab

How to strengthen and improve dispatching management of power grid?

In power system operation, power dispatching is the command and control mechanism for grid operation management, switching operation and accident handling. It ensures the safe operation and stable operation of power grid. To ensure the normal operation of power production, to ens

Airbags become a "child killer"

Airbags become a "child killer" On May 30th, Ms. Zhao held a two-year-old child in one hand, and steered the steering wheel in one hand. He drove on the high-speed road, and follo

Reasonable use of brake tips

1 Slowly warm your car: After the car started, it stayed in place for more than one mi

Robotic Billion Market: Waiting for Gold Digger

Recently, in a hospital in the main city of our city, the robot "nurse" is inspecting the ward, and seeing this weird machine, the patients have gathered around to talk about it. It turned out that this is a medical service robot developed by the University of Posts and Telec