How to strengthen and improve dispatching management of power grid?

In power system operation, power dispatching is the command and control mechanism for grid operation management, switching operation and accident handling. It ensures the safe operation and stable operation of power grid. To ensure the normal operation of power production, to ensure the qualified power quality, Good economy, to ensure their own safety and stability, it is necessary to implement control and operation of the power grid management. So how to strengthen and improve the grid scheduling management. Here I talk about scheduling work since I know something.

1, unify thinking, strengthen scheduling discipline, raise awareness.

The safety management of power dispatching work directly and directly affects the safety and economic operation. With the modernization of power dispatching safety work, it has played a significant role in the safe and stable operation of power grid. However, To ensure the safe operation of the power grid, it is necessary to put an end to all man-made misconduct, accidental misconduct and disobedience of dispatching orders, to cast equipment out of operation without authorization, to seize these factors that must grasp people and to profoundly recognize the importance of dispatching management from the ideological point of view Sex and the implementation of a unified scheduling purposes, strengthen scheduling discipline, effectively ensure the safety, quality, economic operation, and safeguard the public interest in the community.

2, to strengthen the operational management of power grid operation

In order to strengthen operational management to improve the quality of power grid operation and reduce hidden dangers of equipment omissions, the Reclamation Dispatching Department, in carrying out the "Safety Procedures" promulgated by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Administration Regulation on Power Dispatching under the premise of combining with the actual operation and management system of Ben Wang, Four division power company scheduling regulations "implementation. Effectively improve the safety awareness of dispatchers, strict implementation of rules and regulations, and resolutely oppose all phenomena of habitual violation, adhere to the "two votes" system.

3, to strengthen the management of planned maintenance

The implementation of train maintenance, strict control of unplanned maintenance, maintenance management will always be the reliability requirements, strict examination and approval procedures, which do not have the conditions or not with the work will not be approved, to achieve maintenance through-train management plan to eliminate repeated blackouts Make the reliability blackout indicator always in control.

4, improve the economic operation and management of the grid

The economic operation of power grid is also called economic dispatching of power grid. It is based on the basic principle of economic dispatching and formulating the energy consumption of electric energy between plants (stations) under the premise of ensuring safety, reliability, operation and meeting the needs of power quality and power consumption. Or run the least cost, in order to get the most economic benefits.

Due to the multi-runoff power station in Horgos reclamation area, the power grid basically relies on the power grid of Yili State, the weak foundation of power industry in the reclamation area, the weak power grid structure and the uncoordination of peaks and valleys. Therefore, Natural characteristics of the property, a reasonable schedule, make full use of the superiority of reclamation grid to obtain the maximum profit with the least cost, improve the economic operation of the grid.

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