Bearing Industry Summit Forum held in Xinchang

Hsin Chong - China's Bearing Industry Township Summit Forum was held in New. The executive vice chairman and secretary-general of China Bearing Industry Association Wang Quanqing, deputy governor Pan Qifu and other leaders and guests attended the forum.

The six basic performance parameters of the pump

The basic performance of the pump is usually composed of 6 individual parameters.

1, flow rate (capacity, discharge)

The flow rate of the pump refers to the volume or mass of the liquid that flows out of the outlet section o

2CY gear pump uses and methods

The 2CY gear pump usually installed depends on the basic purpose

2CY gear pump is suitable for conveying lubricants with no solid particles and fibers, no corrosion, no higher than 200°C, viscosity of 5×10-6~1.5×10-3m

Security industry still has much room for development

'Smart cities will continue to be a new hot spot in the development of cities around the world. Building and developing smart cities is the trend of the times. Security is an indispensable system for the construction of smart cities.' Chairman of Shenzhen Security Industry Association,

Carbon* analyzer maintenance scope and technical requirements

Carbon sulfur analyzer protection scope and technical requirements:

1. All carbon-sulfur analyzer facilities implement the principles of “person-in-charge, prevention-oriented, regular protection, and timely maintenance”. The maintenance,