Chinese medical stone

Since ancient times, China has applied medical stone to medicine. Maifan Stone is a valuable heritage in China's ancient scientific culture, named after its shape as a group of barley rice. About 800 years ago, the Song Dynasty medical sci

Flotation machine classification

Mineral separation during flotation is done at the gas-liquid interface. Therefore, in the technical performance of the flotation machine, the ability to disperse air into bubbles is dominant. According to the different inflation methods, the flotation machines can be divided int

Overview of modern mine safety management

Security management is an integral part of business management and is about security, for activities related to decision making, planning, organization and control. The main content of safety management is a series of organizational measures taken to implement the national safety producti

50 tons / day copper plant equipment list

50 tons / day copper plant equipment list

Device name

Specification of cone crusher

The specification of the coarse crusher crusher is indicated by the feed port width B. For example, the 1200/180 rotary cone crusher , that is, the maximum feed opening width is 1200 mm, and the discharge openi

Synthesis of Cylon materials with gold tailings

Tailings are wastes from mining industry. At present, there are many problems in tailings treatment: occupying a large amount of land, causing huge waste of mineral resources and seriously affecting the ecological environment. In the secondary utilization process of tailings, there are al