Brief introduction of refrigeration principle of refrigerated truck

Refrigerated vehicles are one of the more common special vehicles in modern day-to-day production activities. In supermarkets, there are various types of frozen food transport vehicles. In hospitals, there are vehicles containing a large number of refrigeration equipment. It can be said that refrigerated trucks are ubiquitous in our lives. Especially in this hot summer season, who does not want to eat cold food? However, even with such common vehicles, we do not necessarily know much about them. Maybe many people have never paid close attention to the refrigeration principle of refrigerated trucks, just like your family does have a refrigerator, but you certainly do not want to Assemble or transform because you don't know what exactly it is. Now let me introduce you to the general principle of this kind of application.

1. Liquid nitrogen refrigeration. People with a little bit of chemical knowledge will know that liquid nitrogen is a chemical substance that can rapidly cool down, and its boiling point is more than 100 degrees. It is an extremely stable element. Therefore, it is widely used in medicine and industrial production. Applications. However, due to the high cost of its use, promotion is still difficult.

2. Water ice and salt ice cooling. Compared with liquid nitrogen, water ice refrigeration has lower cost and less cost, but it has a fatal weakness that is poor cooling and cooling capacity, coupled with the refrigerated truck can not make 100% of the heat is not lost, so the effect is not Especially good. In addition, when salt ice is used, it may also be caused by unintentional accidents that lead to leakage and melting, resulting in the occurrence of pollution and damage to the machine. In general, this refrigeration method is mostly used for the transportation and storage of aquatic products.

3. Dry ice cooling. Dry ice is a form of carbon dioxide, and its principle of refrigeration is mainly in the process of sublimation, it needs to absorb a lot of heat, so that the ambient temperature decreases. The operation is simple and convenient, and the investment cost is relatively low, but due to the high cost of use, it has not been applied to the refrigerated transport of goods. The use of dry ice has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, it can reduce the biological respiration of fruits and vegetables and keep them fresh. On the one hand, it is prone to frost, which is not conducive to the control of the temperature inside the vehicle.

It is probably these kinds of cooling methods that are common in life. In the coming years, there may be more efficient and cheaper cooling methods waiting to be discovered and widely used.

 The characteristic of alloy steel casting is similar to that of  Carbon Steel Casting and cast steel containing alloy elements such as manganese, chromium, and copper is a cast alloy steel.  China Alloy Steel Precision Casting is also called lost wax casting, or China Alloy Steel Investment Casting . Casting products are precise, complex, and close to the final shape of the parts, which can be used without processing or with little processing, so It is an advanced technology.

 In wax pattern process,we mix stearic acid and paraffin wax in wax pattern making,as you know,it is better than polyethylene,and the wax deformation is small.   

 In shell making,we adopt automatic sand-covering production line, which was invented under the guidance of our general manager.The indoor temperature was controlled by air-conditions,keeping the temperature at  24℃±1℃, which can make the castings much more stable,the internal tissues much more well-proportioned.

 In shell hardening process,we use aluminium chloride to harden the shell.This can make the shell so hard that it can`t be distorted,at the same time the bug which the casting may have will be decreased.If there are letters or numbers in it,they will be much clearer.

 In dewaxing process,about 95% of the castings suppliers adopt the original water dewaxing technics,but we using the advanced steam dewaxing technics,which we are very proud of.This can effectively avoid the air-hole and sand-hole,making the casting look much nicer.

 In smelt process,we use middle frequency furnace,avoiding the emergence of the oxide; in molten steel control part,we use Germany-imported direct reading spectrometer machine,assuring its quality before the molten steel out of the furnace.During this process we use ERP production and management software to get the feedback information.

 In shell-knock out process,we have special machines,which can decrease the hitting and knocking, easily made by manual shell knocking out.

 In shot-blasting process,we have crawler-type and hanging shot-blasting machine,with steel shot 0.5-0.8,making the products smooth.Of course,if the customer wants it look much nicer,we also can carry out sand-blast treatment.

 In heat treatment process,we use electric furnace,and adopt double-temperature control in order to heat the products equally.As a result, the products will have great metallurgical structure.

 Our tolerance can reach at the grade of 5-7 according to our country`s tolerance standard.

  In machining process,we have 12 CNC machining centers and some other machines, so we can make further machining if the customers need.

  Products in alloy steel cast factory divide into Forklift Parts Investment Casting, Agricultural Machinery Parts Investment Casting, Petroleum Parts Investment Casting, and Chemical Parts Investment Casting.

 Alloy steel precision casting


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