Lower inclined shaft development plan

This kind of scheme is that the inclined shaft is arranged in the surrounding rock of the ore body, and several stone gates are excavated to communicate with the ore body, and the middle section is drilled in the ore body (or along the contact part of the rock and rock). This method of developm

LED solid-state lighting solutions have unlimited prospects

With the continuous advancement of LED technology, the introduction of many different colors and white high-brightness LEDs has expanded LED applications to various new markets. In the past, it was mainly used as an indicator light. As the cost of LEDs continued to decrease, the performance was

Sectional rock drilling stage mining method

1) Arrangement of nuggets - According to the thickness of the ore body, the long axis of the mine can be arranged in a vertical direction along the strike. Generally, when the thickness of the ore body is less than 15 meters, the mine room is arranged along the strike. When the ore and surr

What is the development of Pingyi

It is the most convenient, safest and most economical way to develop the roadway with Pingyi as the main. However, only when the terrain is favorable, can the advantage be exerted, that is, only the deposit is given to the mountains and can be used above the ground level of the surrounding flat

Discussion on mining method of Jiudingshan copper-molybdenum deposit

Whether the choice of mining methods is reasonable is directly related to the safety, economic benefits and resource utilization of mine production [1-2]. The choice of mining methods needs to consider various factors such as safety, technical feasibility and inves

Goodyear listed on the Fortune 500

Recently, the United States "Fortune" magazine selected the 2017 US Top 500 list. It is understood that Goodyear Tire is the only tire company listed.

Goodyear listed on the Fortune 500