Subsea7 receives a $1.3 billion wind turbine service contract

It is reported that Subsea7, which is listed in Oslo, Norway, has received a contract from Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Co., Ltd. (BOWL) worth more than US$1.3 billion to provide wind turbine bases for the Beatrice wind farm in the Scottish waters of the UK. Purchasing, building and installing,

Refrigerated car recommendation

The domestic insulation car refrigerator cars mostly use about 8CM thick insulation layer, the car body is usually selected color steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum

Know the fire escape car

With the increasing concentration of urban buildings, fire-fighting facilities are increasingly valued and well-known by people. The concept of firefighting is very wide. From fire fighting to flood relief

Barbed roses - tank truck

Do you understand why Xiaobian describes the tanker as a barbed rose? In fact, the tanker has always been a special vehicle that can only be used for a long time. As long as

Deciphering Hualing Xingma Efficient Transportation Star---wing open van

Wing-opening vans, also known as wing-wing cars, bi-wings, and flying-wing cars, are improved models of ordinary vans. They can be used to open special vehicles on both sides of the car through power springs, manual devices or hydraulic devices. The top and front panel rear door structu

Mobile Ice Cream Wagon Lets You Cool in Summer

The hot heat has reached, and many people will love ice cream loyally. It will taste delicious and will give you a cool feeling. Therefore, it also breeds many companies to i

Scenic Sightseeing Vehicle Knowledge

The scenic tourist vehicle is a type of electric vehicle used in the area, which is specially developed for tourist attractions, parks, large-scale amusement parks, closed communities, cam