What performance should forest fire trucks have

For the forest fire prevention work to be done, professional equipment is needed. Forest firefighting personnel carriers are a necessary tool. This type of vehicle is designed to transport rescue workers. It is responsible

How to manage and use electric vehicle sightseeing vehicles

Electric vehicle sightseeing vehicles have brought great convenience to our lives and have greatly helped the development of urban tourism. For those who are inconvenient for action, it provides a convenient way to explore

Application of Wireless Network Technology in Security System

I. Background <br> <br> Currently, video surveillance systems the detention system employed, alarm systems and access control systems are based on wired communication, which makes a number of wiring regions do not become easy to manage security monitoring Blind Are

FIA and Pirelli reach new four-year contract

Milan, June 22, 2016 - The FIA ​​and Pirelli have just signed a new four-year contract to support the FIA's road safety operations.
Pirelli signs FIA