Kumho Launches Two New Truck Tires

On June 15, 2012, Kumho Tire's new TBR truck tires will be launched at the Nanjing Kumho Tire Factory. Two truck tires will be officially listed on the RS68 and RD68, which are suitable for the truck-guided wheels of the two truck tires.

Pirelli Releases Cinturato P7 Blue Tires

On June 24th, 2012, Cinturato P7Blue, the world's first tire with the new “AA” rating for European tires, held an international press conference in Valencia. The Cinturato P7 series is the world's first high-end product that perfectly integ

Analysis of Demand Situation of China Gear Mold Market

Looking at the status quo of our country's gear molds can be described as mixed. Hi there is a certain basis for the production of gear molds, and the general trend in the development of plastic gears will bring greater market space for gear molds; the wor

New tire technology "to force" energy saving

In recent years, the focus of China's tire industry development has shifted from the past “scale, quantity, and speed” to the rational development track characterized by “structure, quality, brand, and benefits”. Cai Weimin, secreta

Recreating a "31" dream soaring in Xinjiang

Xinjiang is located in the northwestern border of the motherland, and its total area accounts for one-sixth of the country's land area. It is also a bridge for communication with Central Asia, Russia, and the Middle East. As a “bridgehead” for Chinaâ

Recently Datang Coal Gas Methanol Washing Plant has been successfully tested

On June 15th, the low-temperature methanol washing plant, an important unit of the Keqi coal-based natural gas project of Datang Energy Chemical Company, succeeded in a successful trial run and successfully produced qualified purified gas. This is the company’s output after June 10th pur

Passat's Designated Max. $18,000 for Existing Cars

Recently, the editor learned from the Nanjing North China (Group) Co., Ltd. Automobile Sales Branch that the entire Shanghai Volkswagen Passat vehicle sales, full color, including a few models designated the highest discount 18,000 yuan, car delivery decoratio