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Model NO.: HX-automotive013
Automobile Chassis Noise: The Brake Noise

Tension electronic fence installation wiring details precautions!

Some problems that need to be considered during installation of the tension electronic fence and what needs to be paid attention to during the installation process! Today, let the guest Europe and everyone together point out one by one!
The first is when wiring and planning th

Recycled plastic particle density meter detection method

Density is a relatively important factor in measuring the quality of recycled plastic pellets. The density of recycled plastic pellets varies from batch to batch and density may vary. Different batches of recycled plastic pellets may differ in density. There are many, so for each batch of pla

7 ways to prevent data center fires

The data center is composed of software, hardware equipment, auxiliary infrastructure and other systems and multiple sets of products. It needs to be cleaned regularly to make more efficient use of existing facilities in the data center.
1. Early warning system…

Handheld weather station application in apple planting management

Apple is the largest featured fruit in China, accounting for about 25% of total fruit production. It is an important part of the agricultural economy. At present, China's apple growing areas mainly include Shaanxi, Shandong, Gansu, Shanxi, Henan and other places. In the proce

Laser printers are "insurance" for drug information security

With the strengthening of safety awareness, the people pay more and more attention to the safety of drugs. When there is a problem with the drug, the source of direct traceability is the identification code on the package of the drug. It can be seen that the importance of drug labeling, th