People-oriented Voith introduces driver efficiency assistance system

One of the challenges facing local public transport managers today is the growing need to reduce fuel consumption through smart driving practices. In the past, bus fleet managers relied on the driver's abilities. As smart driving is an important factor limiting fuel consumption, redu

What are the application areas of the helmet identification system?

As technology continues to innovate and develop, but in many industries, the nature of work is still dangerous. For example, the construction industry, the power industry, the transportation industry, the mining industry, etc. have a certain risk index. Therefore, In this respect, our country

What instrument is used for amylose determination?

Starch, which we are all familiar with, contains starch in the roots, stems or seeds of plants. So what is amylose? In fact, starch is mainly composed of two types of amylose and amylopectin. The ratio of amylose to amylopectin in natural starch is generally about 15-28% to 72-85

Titanium dioxide price increase? Still insured?

In recent months, the industry still has some expectations for the so-called "Golden September and Silver 10". Although the overall expectation is not high, what if it is small? Sure enough, on September 7, the lead in the titanium white industry, the first interest rate, announced th

Considerations for the selection of electromagnetic flowmeter

7 major elements of electromagnetic flowmeter selection
1, application overview
Large-diameter instruments are mostly used in water supply and drainage projects. Medium and small calibers are often used for solid-liquid double equal unpredictable fluids or high-demand places,