Accelerate the optimization and upgrading of equipment manufacturing

——Interview with Zhang Sheng, President of China National Chemical Equipment Association
Chemical equipment manufacturing industry is closely related to the scale of investment in the industry, there is no demand for equipment without investment. In response to the internati

New energy exhibition exhibited straw briquetting granulation machinery

From March 16 to 18, the second China International New Energy, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Exhibition was held at the China International Exhibition Center. With the theme of "New Energy, New Economy, and New Development", this year's exhibition foc

Chrysler recalled 24,000 new models

According to U.S. media reports, the Chrysler Group has already issued a recall announcement. Due to the sudden failure of the brakes, Chrysler’s 24,000 Chrysler , Dodge, and Jeep brands are facing a recall.

Chrysler’s r

Jiangling wants to be a pioneer in international commercial vehicles

Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd., a commercial vehicle giant that has risen in the red zone and is located in the economic zone, came to the news that in 2009 the company achieved a historic leap in sales revenue of over 10 billion yuan and sold over 100,000 vehicles, completing another major b

Hot melt adhesive characteristics

(1) Bonding is usually rapid from glueing to cooling, and only takes tens of seconds or even seconds."

(2) Wide range of bonding materials For many materials, even the most widely used materials (such as polyolefins, stencils, carbon paper, etc.) can also be bonded. "In p

China National Heavy Duty Truck Parts Sales to Industrialization

China National Heavy Duty Auto Parts 2010 Business Conference was held in Jinan, Quancheng. The significance of this year's accessories business conference is not the same as before. This is the first meeting after the system change of China National Heavy Duty Truck Parts Sales Depar