Jiangling wants to be a pioneer in international commercial vehicles

Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd., a commercial vehicle giant that has risen in the red zone and is located in the economic zone, came to the news that in 2009 the company achieved a historic leap in sales revenue of over 10 billion yuan and sold over 100,000 vehicles, completing another major breakthrough. .

In recent years, Jiangling's production capacity has continued to expand, its efficiency has grown steadily, the impact of international brands has risen year after year, and its competitiveness has been increasing. It has become a leader in the commercial vehicle industry in China. According to reports, in 2009, Jiangling Motors’ sales revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan, and its sales exceeded the 100,000 mark. In 2009, Jiangling Motors sold 114,688 vehicles, which represented a 21% increase over 2008. Among them, 33,585 vehicles were sold in Quanshun, up by 22% year-on-year. JMC’s own-brand light trucks and pickup trucks grew by 19% and 21%, respectively. The diesel commercial vehicle market leads the way and becomes the market leader.

In the first month of 2010, the Jiangling Motors Market made a triumph and its vehicle sales hit a record high in January. A total of 15,009 vehicles were sold in January, an increase of 251.3% year-on-year. Against the backdrop of a new high of business indicators, the company also won the first Nanchang Mayor Quality Award, National Performance Excellence Advanced Enterprise, National Enterprise Environmental Achievement Award, and other great honours. It has also been listed among the Top 100 Listed Companies in China for five consecutive years. Keep your place firmly.

In the past two years, with the approval of Jiangling Motors's board of directors for the continuous development of new models including the Ford brand and JMC’s own-brand commercial vehicles, Jiangling’s grand plan to focus on the global automotive market has slowly begun.

Jiangling has established the most competitive commercial vehicle base in the Asia-Pacific region with a solid foundation. The market growth rate has been steadily rising for many years in succession, achieving a balanced development of the national market. The leading products such as light trucks, pickup trucks, and light passengers have become the market share of the national market segment. The leader. It has four major advantages: First, it has a leading edge in technology, independent research and development of continuous innovation, the function of financial trucks and the performance of cars, and it is the first of its kind to create commercial vehicles for cars; the latest Transit commercial vehicles lead the domestic car, diesel, and environmental protection. New trend of security and security. The second is the advantage of brand value, becoming the best logistics commercial vehicle in 2006 and 2007. Third, the international brand advantage with huge growth potential. The Jiangling brand has grown to be the largest exporter of light diesel commercial vehicles in China; the two export vehicle brands supported by the Ministry of Commerce; and the national vehicle export base. The fourth is the advantage of the marketing model, the first commercial vehicle brand that sells automobiles in the passenger vehicle sales service model, the creation of a learning marketing system, and the promotion of integrated marketing services.

"Commercial vehicles as the core, become first-class car manufacturers, produce and sell world-class products with the best customer satisfaction in the industry" as the development vision, and continue to provide customers with advanced technology, high-quality products and caring services In addition, the company has also become a pioneer in the internationalization of China's commercial vehicle industry in terms of its development model, marketing model and brand image.

With the support of Ford as a major shareholder and strategic partner, and through efficient cooperation with numerous partners, we have established an efficient and effective scientific governance structure. The management team of Jiangling Motors, headed by President Chen Yuanqing, has led a team of Chinese and foreign employees to work together to implement "Innovation, speed, execution, honesty" management philosophy, according to the company's sustainable development strategy, rapid response to market demand, efficient use of lean manufacturing systems, to meet the requirements of increasing market sales and share, scientific planning of new products, new processes, new bases, A new breakthrough has been made.

Under the new pattern, in the face of domestic and international competition, Jiangling made full preparations in product lines, sales policies, and commercial policies. Jiangling Motors has achieved a continuous leap in production and sales through its rolling development model. The product has also been expanded from one brand to four brands. The product range covers and expands to economical and practical passenger and cargo dual-use and logistics vehicles, mid-to-high-end commercial vehicles, and light buses. , SUV, MPV and other levels have become pioneers and leaders in China's commercial vehicle industry.

Jiangling's lean production technology is positioned in cutting-edge manufacturing technology, clean and spacious production workshops, advanced production equipment, employees wearing uniforms, and kanbans that indicate the work flow and production tasks of the day... behind everything in order, lean production, Six Sigma ISO/TS16949 and other standard systems have long been integrated into all aspects of Jiangling's operations and the management context is well documented. Adhering to advanced quality management standards, the company has established a quality control standard for Jiangling Motors that is higher than the national and local standards, and has implemented more stringent quality standards for suppliers to ensure product quality from the source. In the JDPower China New Vehicle Quality Survey (IQS) report over the years, Jiangling Motors products are among the highest in the world, successfully interpreting the "quality of the world, the same strain" of quality commitment.

Jiangling’s R&D system has made major breakthroughs in years of accumulation. Jiangling, which owns the state-recognized automotive technology center, has created a brand-new road for joint venture auto companies’ own brands. The Ford brand and JMC’s own dual brands have become powerful forces for activating various market segments.

Jiangling vigorously carries out the talent upgrading strategy, cultivating the ladder and talent system from high-end R&D to high-skilled technicians in all directions, and each system is accelerating the growth of the abundant talent pool required for modern large-scale industrial development.

Focusing on the front lines and keeping an eye on the complex and rapidly changing market, Jiangling Motors is striving to develop faster and more efficiently than others.

Entering a new stage of development, Jiangling proposed a higher development goal, not only to achieve a new level in terms of sales volume and market share, but also to become the most innovative and reliable car brand in the eyes of consumers.

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