Domestic paraxylene market outlook

A favorable factor 1. Crude oil prices oscillate at a high level; 2. The release and implementation of the petrochemical industry adjustment and revitalization plan will bring certain boosting effects to the petrochemical industry; 3. The high load and high production capacity of the late PTA plant will affect the PX. Sales prices have improved.
Two negative factors 1. There are many PX devices recently put into operation at home and abroad. Some of the PX devices that were previously shut down and repaired resumed driving, and the PX supply situation gradually eased; 2. The downstream PTA market stagnated, and the current market of PTA is still in a stage of lower shocks. , PX procurement downturn; 3. Market participants are generally pessimistic attitude, bearish; 4. End-user sales are not smooth, profit margins are reduced and there is still a large inventory.
PX market outlook predicts that the increase of PX's expected supply in the future will continue to affect the trend of PX in the future. PTA will continue to exert pressure on PX suppliers due to high cost pressures. Under the situation of continuously pressurizing upstream and downstream, it is estimated that PX market will be short-term. It will also focus on weak shocks, and it does not rule out crude oil or raw material factors affecting its short-term rise.

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