"EU new toy safety directive" is expected to take effect in May this year

On April 26, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) commissioned experts at the 105th China Import and Export Commodities Fair to interpret the forthcoming EU New Toy Safety Directive. The introduction of this directive will have a major impact on China’s foreign trade toy industry.

Compared to the current Directive 88/378/EEC, the EU's New Toy Safety Directive sets new requirements on the visibility of physical and mechanical properties, chemical properties, electrical properties, hygiene, warning signs, conformity assessment, and CE marking.

In terms of physical and mechanical properties, the risk of asphyxiation extends from “Toys for children younger than 36 months” to “Toy operated toys” to “External airway obstruction in mouth and nose” to “Inside "Respiratory obstruction." In terms of toys that come into contact with food, regulations stipulate "separable from packaging", "packaging without risk of suffocation," "warning: recommending adult supervision," and "prohibiting toys attached to food."

In terms of chemical properties, 15 kinds of substances of high concern, such as dibutyl phthalate, were published, and more stringent restrictions were established for 19 specific heavy metals. 55 kinds of banned spices and 11 kinds of labels requiring warning label spices were posted back and listed. CAS number, and so on.

In terms of electrical performance, the New Toys Directive extends the current directive to “If there is no risk of harmful electrical shock even if the toy breaks, the internal voltage may exceed 24V”, “Protection against electrical hazards and fire caused by the power supply”, “No laser , LED, or any other type of radiation-induced health hazard or risk of injury to the eyes or skin."

In terms of hygiene, the new directive extends the current directive to “Spun textile toys for children younger than 36 months should be cleanable and require basic safety requirements after cleaning”.

On the warning sign, the new directive extends the current directive to “if it applies to safe use, the warning must specify: user restrictions, ability to use personnel, minimum or maximum weight, adult supervision”.

In terms of conformity assessment, the new directive extends to “obvious obligation to implement risk analysis”.

On the visibility of the CE mark, the new instruction extends to "If it is not visible from the outside, it can be attached to the package."

Experts predict that the new directive will take effect in May or June. The transition period set for the chemical part is 4 years, and the transition period set for other safety requirements is 2 years.


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