Russian media: Russia's two oil pipelines will "turn into" China

Last Saturday, China and Russia held talks on the oil pipeline of the "Tenerna" (East Siberian-Pacific). It was finally determined that the oil pipeline will be turned into China, and the "Altai" natural gas pipeline will also enter China. The leaders of the two companies in charge of the project confirmed that all technical and financial issues have been resolved.
According to the Russian "Daily Economic News" reported on July 28, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Igor Ivanovich Xie Qin and China National Petroleum Corporation (SINOPEC) headed the "Tener Line" oil pipeline and Altai on Saturday. The "natural gas pipeline" issue was discussed. Moscow and Beijing have reached an agreement on this issue and will build the "Terner Line" and "Altai Line" into China's branch line.
As early as last June, the two countries have reached an agreement on this issue: the construction of the “Tener Line” to the branch line of Daqing, China. The first phase plans to supply 1,500 tons of oil to China and increase it to 3,000 tons. The second phase is put into use for 2015-2017.
From July 25 to 27, when Russian Deputy Prime Minister Xie Qin visited China, the leaders of the two countries discussed the issue, but the specific details were not disclosed.
According to reports, the Siberian-Pacific Strategic Petroleum Pipeline is of great significance to Russia. This energy mainline will ensure Russia’s entry into the market with the most promising and fastest-growing markets in the Far East and Southeast Asian countries, and at the same time promote the diversification of Russian energy exports and reduce consumption in Europe. The fatal dependence of business. Putin emphasized that on the scale of construction, the “Tenerna” is unprecedented for both the Siberian region and the whole of Russia and must be built on schedule.

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