Zhejiang: Chemical Environmental Protection Promotes the Upgrading and Transformation of Industries

“Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan.” Five years ago, when Xi Jinping, the then secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, talked about the construction of an ecological province, he once expressed the relationship between environmental protection and economic development. “Two 'hills' There are contradictions and dialectical unification. Green mountains and green mountains can bring about the Jinshan Yinshan continuously, and the evergreen trees we plant are money-making trees. Ecological advantages change economic advantages, which is a higher realm."
The outbreak of the international financial crisis has left Zhejiang, an export-oriented, export-oriented economic province, an unprecedented test, and many companies are in trouble. Under such circumstances, environmental protection work also faces enormous challenges. Should environmental protection be as high standards and requirements as in the past? In this regard, the Zhejiang government has made a firm choice: to ensure that the economy and the environment do not go hand in hand, and that the strategic principle of building an ecological province cannot be shaken at any time.
Zhejiang has achieved remarkable results through continuous efforts to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. According to statistics, in 2009, energy consumption per unit of GDP in the province fell by about 5.5%, energy consumption of industrial units above designated size decreased by approximately 5.9%, emissions of chemical oxygen demand decreased by 4.6% year-on-year, and emissions of sulfur dioxide decreased by 5.3% year-on-year. Complete annual goals, including sulfur dioxide ahead of schedule to complete the "Eleventh Five-Year" emission reduction tasks. Practice has proved that the preservation of the environment has not hindered the Zhejiang economy from stabilizing and picking up. Instead, it has played an active role in upgrading the industrial level and promoting economic transformation.
As one of the pillar industries of Zhejiang Province, the petroleum and chemical industry is not only the key target for energy conservation and emission reduction, but also the main force for energy conservation and emission reduction in the province. Especially some leading enterprises in the industry, in the 2009 test of energy-saving emission reduction, all gave a satisfactory answer.
The extremely lack of mineral resources in Zhejiang has given rise to a good tradition in which petroleum and chemical companies attach great importance to the conservation of resources and energy. However, because of the relatively high starting point, Zhejiang enterprises face greater pressure than counterparts in other provinces in the face of the same assessment indicators. Zhejiang Xin'an Chemical Group Co., Ltd. transformed this pressure into the driving force for further progress. In 2008, the company's energy-saving target value signed with the municipal government was a 5% reduction in the comprehensive energy consumption per 10,000 yuan output value, and the result was a decrease of 35.2%. In 2009, the company once again signed an energy-saving target with the municipal government. The overall energy consumption per 10,000 yuan output value dropped by 4%. The result was a drop of 6%, and the annual energy-saving task was exceeded.
“Energy conservation target assessment is not a kind of pressure for us, but it gives us a new direction for our efforts.” Gu Zhuojiang, manager of Xinan Chemical Safety and Environmental Protection Department, said, “Even if we do not assess, we will make every effort to save energy. Not only is it conducive to improving the competitiveness of enterprises, but it is also a corporate social responsibility that must be fulfilled."
According to the CCIN reporter, in addition to strengthening daily management and refining the assessment system, technological innovation, equipment transformation, and adoption of advanced energy-saving technologies have become three magic weapons for Xinan Chemical to achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction. The company's 100,000-ton/year organic silicon project under construction will introduce the world-class silicone technology of Momentive Group. Not only the product quality will be significantly improved, but also the energy consumption index will be greatly reduced. It is expected that the annual energy saving will exceed 20,000 after the completion of the project. Ton of standard coal, the amount of waste is reduced by 20,000 tons. In addition, the 35-ton chain furnace reform project of the company's thermal power plant is a pioneering initiative that has been recognized by experts and promoted throughout the province; the boiler desulfurization system has a desulfurization efficiency of only 40% to 50% of the water-film dust removal method, and the desulfurization efficiency is 70% to 80. The double-alkali method of %, and the semi-dry method with a desulfurization efficiency of more than 90%, has become a demonstration project in Hangzhou.
According to data released by the Statistics Bureau of Zhejiang Province, the energy consumption of the eight energy-consuming industries in the province’s eight high-energy-consuming industries all decreased in 2009, and the value-added energy consumption of chemical raw materials, chemical fiber and petroleum processing industries decreased by 11.6% over the previous year respectively. , 10.2% and 0.4%.
When it comes to environmental protection, in recent years, the Zhejiang government has frequently caused environmental winds, and oil and chemical companies are often at the center of the “storm”. If we say that in the beginning of the environmental protection turmoil, many chemical companies have adopted the "evasive" tactics, or have gone far away, or turned to other industries, then continue to stick to companies in the chemical industry, how many have already met the challenge The emboldened. When Zhejiang Province once again swept the baton of energy saving and emission reduction, most of the powerful companies chose to face difficulties, actively carry out technological innovation, increase investment in environmental governance, and adjust product structure. For example, Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co., Ltd., a dye enterprise, adopted the double-alkali desulphurization technology to transform the desulphurization facilities of the original 300,000 tons/year sulfur acid plant to realize 210 tons of annual sulfur dioxide reduction; PTA Enterprise Zhejiang Yisheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd. The company has invested a total of 46.5 million yuan, optimized the production process, closed the discharge trench, collected unorganized exhaust gas, built a closed factory, solved the problem of odor nuisance; Zhejiang Jiande Jianye Organic Chemical Co., Ltd. invested more than 560 million yuan to build organic amines The wastewater treatment facilities and cleanup and diversion projects have reduced the discharge of chemical oxygen demand by more than 100 tons per year and the discharge of wastewater by 2 million tons per year.
According to the arrangement of the Zhejiang Provincial Government, the comprehensive energy consumption, chemical oxygen demand, and sulfur dioxide emissions of the yuan GDP of the province will each drop by 3% this year. By the end of 2010, the province’s total chemical oxygen demand will be reduced by 15.1% on the basis of 2005, and the total amount of sulfur dioxide emissions will be reduced by 15%. The goal of building an ecological province in Zhejiang is becoming a reality step by step.

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