Accelerate the optimization and upgrading of equipment manufacturing

——Interview with Zhang Sheng, President of China National Chemical Equipment Association
Chemical equipment manufacturing industry is closely related to the scale of investment in the industry, there is no demand for equipment without investment. In response to the international financial crisis last year, the state invested 4 trillion yuan to stimulate domestic demand, and the petrochemical industry became one of the beneficiary industries. It also played a leading role in the chemical equipment manufacturing industry. But overall, the demand in the petrochemical market is still insufficient, resulting in the current weak demand for the domestic chemical equipment industry has not yet fundamentally changed. Zhang Sheng, director of the China Chemical Equipment Association, said in an interview with reporters that the prospects for the chemical equipment industry this year are still not optimistic. The reason is that the overcapacity situation in the chemical industry is unlikely to improve in the short term, which restricts the growth of investment.
Zhang Sheng said that from the upstream industry point of view, the future space for the development of small-scale refineries will be compressed, the ethylene industry is subject to greater threats from the impact of foreign products. For the fertilizer industry, the traditional fertilizer equipment market still has room for growth despite the excess production capacity in the coming period. For coal chemical industry, considering the factors such as technology, market, resources and environment, the peak investment period of coal chemical industry will not come immediately. Therefore, whether it is the traditional chemical equipment market such as petrochemicals and chemical fertilizers, or the emerging chemical equipment market such as coal chemical and alternative energy, this year's growth space is very limited. “Where is the new growth point? This is a matter of great concern to the chemical equipment industry.”
Not only that, the chemical equipment industry itself still has the problem of excess production capacity. According to Zhang Sheng, currently there are tens of thousands of domestic chemical equipment manufacturing companies (including the general part of petrochemicals), and there are 3855 pressure vessel manufacturers. Moreover, due to the low investment threshold in the chemical equipment industry, a large number of chemical equipment manufacturing projects have also emerged in various places in recent years.
In addition, the single product structure of the chemical equipment industry can not be ignored. Zhang Sheng said that the product structure of China's chemical equipment industry has two major features: First, the general level, general product, high value-added, high-tech, high-quality, personalized products less, with brand-name products with independent intellectual property rights There are few. "Because of the low technical threshold of products, too many companies that can participate in supply competition, and excessive competition, most of the equipment manufacturing companies are mostly under-ordered, idle, and inefficient; on the contrary, high-value-added products cannot meet the requirements of users. We have to allow a large number of users to import.” The second is that there are many products for the traditional industry, and the competition is fierce. The vast majority of the equipment market with rapid growth in emerging industries is occupied by foreigners. Therefore, the ability of chemical equipment manufacturers to undertake "turnkey projects" is far weaker than that of machinery manufacturing enterprises in other industries. The proportion of investment in research and development of enterprises is too low, it is difficult to develop products that meet the needs of the market based on changes in the market, and it is even more incapable of engaging in forward-looking and basic research. "If China's chemical equipment manufacturing industry does not actively adjust its product mix, not only will a group of vulnerable companies be eliminated, but on the whole it may become a vassal of multinational companies."
Therefore, Zhang Sheng pointed out that resolving excess production capacity and adjusting product mix will be a key task for the Chemical Equipment Association this year. The specific idea is: to focus on the development of major technological equipment and important basic equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and on the basis of independent research and development, to carry out joint design and joint manufacturing extensively through international technical cooperation, and gradually realize the goal of independent manufacturing; vigorously develop high technology Industrial equipment, comprehensively upgrade the manufacturing level of general chemical equipment, further improve the product quality and technical content of equipment, reduce production costs and increase the added value of products; actively develop high-efficiency, energy-saving, low-(zero)-pollution products and clean manufacturing technologies Gradually eliminate backward products and manufacturing technology; form a group of distinctive and focused industrial clusters and equipment manufacturing concentration. From the perspective of specific varieties, the petrochemical equipment manufacturing industry should focus on independently developing high-end equipment for large-scale projects in the future; the chemical fertilizer and coal chemical equipment manufacturing industry should independently develop large-scale synthetic ammonia that combines dry pulverized coal gasification, cold, heat and electricity. Complete sets of technologies and equipment, as well as low-energy stripping urea complete sets of technologies and equipment, to achieve the comprehensive utilization of energy.
Zhang Sheng said that equipment manufacturing industry is a complex system project that requires the close cooperation of research units, design units, manufacturing companies, installation companies, and users. The current situation in China is that research institutes, design institutes, and manufacturing companies are independent of each other. No one company has been able to provide system services and become the general contractor for equipment and even engineering. Therefore, the Chemical Equipment Association will actively guide the industry to be market-oriented and develop and expand a number of enterprise groups that can provide major contracting services for major technical equipment.
In addition, the Chemical Equipment Association will also do a good job in this year's industry basic work, such as technical progress and standardization work, pressure vessel manufacturing license forensics, additions, renewal assessment evaluation, pressure vessel manufacturing personnel training assessment.

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