China's energy technology innovation and localization of equipment have achieved remarkable results

In recent years, under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the China National Drying Network has attached great importance to the leadership of the government. The energy industry has been guided by the government and established a collaborative innovation system of energy science and technology that integrates “government, industry, research and application”; Promote the autonomy of major energy technologies and equipment; adhere to the introduction, digestion, absorption, re-innovation and integrated innovation model, and take a leapfrog development; adhere to the two resources of both domestic and international markets; actively promote the “going out” of energy equipment; The level of localization of capabilities and equipment has been significantly improved, effectively supporting the safety, health, and sustainable development of the energy industry.

I. Significant increase in the level of safe, green and efficient coal development and utilization

The proportion of advanced coal production capacity continued to increase, and a number of modern coal safety green mining and comprehensive utilization R&D platforms have been built, breaking through a number of major key technologies and equipment, and producing 10 million tons of extra-thick coal seams with fully mechanized top-coal caving equipment, with an annual output of 4 million. A number of major technologies and equipment such as washing and dressing equipment for coal preparation plants and heavy medium coal preparation technologies have been widely used domestically; coal mining gas treatment and disaster prevention and control technologies have significantly improved, and the one million tons mortality rate has continued to decline year by year. Gas utilization technology Achieve a new leap forward and build a 120,000-kilowatt gas-fired power plant; coal deep-processing technology and equipment rank the world's leading level, with annual production of million tons of direct liquefaction, 160,000 tons of indirect liquefaction, 4 billion square meters of natural gas and 60 The 10,000-ton coal-to-olefins production line has been put into operation.

Second, clean, low-carbon, high-efficiency coal-fired power generation technology ranks the world's leading level

The number of millions of kilowatts of ultra-supercritical units that have been put into operation exceeds 60 units, ranking first in the world in terms of volume and total capacity. The coal consumption of power units for the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Third Power Plant has reached 276 g/kWh, which has reached the world's leading level. The National 700°C Ultra-Supercritical Coal-fired Power Generation Technology Innovation Alliance was established. Following the European, US, and Japan-wide studies, a comprehensive study was conducted on the ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generation technology field at higher starting points and higher parameter levels. The completion of the 250,000-kilowatt integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) demonstration project with independent intellectual property rights gasification technology has provided beneficial exploration and engineering demonstrations for the realization of higher-efficiency, near-zero emission coal-fired power generation technologies. Millions of millions of ultra-supercritical direct air-cooled units have been put into operation, and will be widely used in Western coal-rich regions, which can save more than 80% of water. Based on the technology of digestion and introduction, the company has independently developed a 600,000-kilowatt circulating fluidized bed boiler with the largest single capacity and the most advanced performance index in the world, which can convert a large amount of inferior coal and gangue into clean power. The world's largest 1.2 million-ton/year carbon dioxide capture, utilization, and storage technology demonstration facility has been put into operation.

Third, the development capacity of large-scale hydropower development technology and equipment ranks in the forefront of the world

China has become the world’s largest water energy utilization country, with a hydropower installed capacity of 275 million kilowatts. It has established a complete supporting hydropower exploration, design, construction, maintenance and technical equipment R&D and manufacturing industry system, and has built a number of key enterprises and scientific research institutes. The modern hydropower technology research and development platform has mastered the large-scale hydropower development complete sets of technology for complex geologic conditions such as the dam construction of super high dams and the comprehensive treatment of high slopes, and has built the world’s highest Longtan RCC gravity dam and Shuibuya Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam. The design and manufacturing capacity of large-scale hydro-electric motor components sets a leading position in the world, and it has mastered the design and manufacturing technology of the largest single-capacity 800,000-kilowatt hydro-generator unit and 300,000-kilowatt-class pumped-storage generating unit in the world.

IV. The advanced nuclear power R&D design and manufacturing industry system is gradually perfecting

Relying on China National Nuclear Corporation, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation, National Nuclear Power Corporation and other key enterprises to build a number of modern nuclear power R&D, design and manufacturing platforms that are in line with international standards, and have the capacity to independently design and build millions of kilowatts of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants, which are under construction and have been put into operation. The localization rate of Hongyanhe, Ningde and other projects exceeded 80%, and the unit cost continued to decrease. The cost per kilowatt of Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant dropped to 10,700 yuan, far below the world average level of 2,500-3,000 U.S. dollars per kilowatt; the third generation nuclear power autonomy Relying on the project is steadily building, the three generations of nuclear power plant design and manufacturing capabilities represented by AP1000 have been gradually formed. A large number of key equipments and materials, such as large-scale castings and forgings, key pump valves, and digital instrumentation control, have all achieved localization. Substantial progress has been made in the development and demonstration of nuclear power technology. A 200,000-kilowatt high-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration project is under construction. The experimental fast reactors have achieved criticality and grid-connected power generation, and commercial demonstration fast reactors are being promoted. The research and development of ruthenium-based molten salt reactors are proceeding smoothly. The advanced nuclear fuel elements have been manufactured locally, and the spent fuel post-processing pilot plant has completed the hot test.

5. New energy technology innovations such as wind energy and solar energy have obvious advantages

Formed a complete industrial chain of R&D, design, manufacturing, testing and certification, and a group of world-class wind energy and solar energy R&D manufacturing and testing and certification enterprises have emerged. The total installed capacity of wind power and the annual operating capacity are the highest in the world, and domestic wind power With a market share of over 90%, the unit has developed a new type of wind turbine with low wind speed, low temperature, sand resistance, and salt fog resistance that fits the national conditions. The 6MW offshore wind turbine has already gone offline; the output of photovoltaic cells accounts for about the world total. 60% of output, technology and equipment levels continue to increase, distributed use is widely promoted, power generation costs continue to decline, and key equipment such as large-scale PV inverters, data acquisition and remote monitoring systems have been autonomous; tower, trough light The development of thermal power generation and solar energy cryogenic cycle power generation technology is synchronized with the world and demonstration projects are being carried out.

Sixth, large-capacity long-distance intelligent power grid technology is in the world's leading level

A number of UHV AC and DC transmission pilot demonstration lines have been completed and put into operation. The design, manufacture and testing capabilities of UHV technology and equipment have reached the world's leading level, and all major technical equipment has been domestically produced. A number of world-class key technology research and development platforms for modern power grids, such as world-class large-capacity long-distance transmission, flexible HVDC transmission, and power grid security, have been built in an orderly manner. The reliability and intelligence of power grids have been greatly improved, and a wide range of flexible HVDC transmissions have been widely implemented. Development and demonstration of advanced grid-related technologies and equipment such as power grids, intermittent power grids, and large-capacity energy storage.

VII. Significant increase in oil and gas exploration, development, transportation and refining technologies

Rely on backbone enterprises to build a number of oil and gas technology and equipment R&D platforms that are in line with international standards and cover the entire industry chain, and R&D capabilities and equipment manufacturing capabilities have steadily increased. Conventional oil and gas exploration and exploitation technologies have reached international advanced level and have obvious comparative advantages in the development of international oil and gas resources. Unconventional oil and gas and deepwater oil and gas exploration and development have obvious advantages. China Petrochemical Chongqing Fuling, PetroChina Changning-Weiyuan, Zhaotong and other national pages The construction of the rock gas demonstration area is advancing in an orderly manner. The largest daily gas production capacity of successful single wells has reached 360,000 cubic meters. Key equipment and materials such as hydraulic fracturing machines and bridge plugs have been domesticated and exported to the United States and Canada. It has been reduced to 80 million yuan, and is expected to drop below 50 million yuan after large-scale construction. China's first deep-water semi-submersible drilling platform, "Offshore Oil 981", has been successfully applied to the "Liwan 3-1" gas field in the South China Sea, and Batch export has begun; long-distance oil and gas pipeline technology is maturing, localization of core equipment and materials such as large-capacity electric compressor units, and the cost of equipment and materials for each subsequent pipeline can be reduced by 10 billion yuan, which effectively protects the West-East Gas Transmission Project. Construction of long-distance pipelines such as Asia and China and Myanmar; construction of an LNG project with an annual output of 600,000 tons depending on domestic equipment; a complete set of 10 million-ton oil refining projects Equipment, million-ton-grade olefin key equipment has been realized in China.


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