LED ushered in replacement tide 2014 LED lighting revenue jumped into the mainstream

In March last year, the US LED factory CREE offered a price war on LED bulbs, causing people to follow up. As of the end of November, the price of replacing 40-watt and 60-watt LED bulbs has dropped by 2~30%. In 2007, the average price has fallen more than 70%. The Taiwan LED factory has released a positive attitude that it is not afraid of falling, but it has to fall out of demand and fall out of the market. The trend of price hikes will help the lighting revenue in 2014. Mainstream.
In the market, Yiguang, Jingdian, Ronda, New Century, Yuyuan, Dongbei, etc., which have a high proportion of LED revenues, have the opportunity to benefit.
The price of LED bulbs was shrouded in price turmoil last year. At the beginning of March, Cree, a US-based manufacturer, launched ultra-low-cost LED bulbs at a price of only $9.97, which caused shocks in related industries. However, it immediately triggered follow-up by all walks of people, leading to the price of LED bulbs last year. Low bottom.
According to the statistics of the city's regulatory agencies, the average price of replacing 40-watt and 60-watt LED bulbs in January last year fell to 19.4 US dollars and 29.6 US dollars. By November, the average price has both dropped to 15.4 US dollars and 21.5 US dollars, replacing 60-watt LEDs. The light bulb is about to face a $20 integer checkpoint. The price has fallen by 21% to nearly 30%. The main decline is concentrated in the first half of last year, although the price is still insufficient compared with fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps. At the price of more than 70 US dollars in 2007, the price of LED bulbs has fallen more than 70%, and the price has turned to the people.
Ye Weifu, chairman of Everlight, once pointed out in public that the price war of LEDs has no end. The key point is that the price drop should be out of demand, the quantity is big enough to have profit, and because the price decline is the trend, the manufacturers that operate LED will always face To raise the problem of inventory price loss, improve turnover rate and reduce inventory to resist cold.
Analyst Wang Ting said that the annual discount price reduction promotion will promote the consumer acceptance and market share. The Thanksgiving and Christmas promotion actions will also contribute to the LED bulb market in the US and Europe. In 2014, the demand for LED bulbs increased by 86% year-on-year, and the replacement of LED bulbs will be officially launched.

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