Cutting Technology Application Form and Technical Economic Status

With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the requirements for the quality and precision of cutting have been continuously improved, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and having high-efficiency automatic cutting functions are also increasing. As a part of the cutting machine industry, the products we provide will be the most modern and technological. Welcome everyone to discuss cooperation. Details:/
In recent years, the cutting technology of CNC cutting machines at home and abroad has made breakthrough progress, from a single oxyacetylene flame gas cutting to a new type of industrial gas flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting and other multi-energy, a variety of process methods The modern cutting technology, combined with modern control technology and cutting technology, has developed a new generation of fully automatic cutting equipment.
A. Current situation 1. Plasma arc cutting Plasma arc cutting is a processing method developed in the mid-1980s. It was mainly used to solve the cutting of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals, and has developed argon, hydrogen, compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. The gas, generally plasma arc cutting and water recompression plasma cutting and other process methods to meet different needs.
Ordinary plasma power output current is 20 ~ 200A, cutting thickness up to 30mm or less; fine plasma cutting machine power output current up to 100A, cutting thickness up to 12mm, including fine plasma slit width 0.65 ~ 0.75mm, and CNC cutting Machine with up to ± 0.2mm cutting accuracy; water recompression plasma power output current up to 1000A, cutting thickness up to 130mm or less.
At present, the cutting torch of the CNC plasma cutting machine is developing in the direction of slicing accuracy close to the laser precision; the low-power cutting power source develops in the direction of inversion to improve the power efficiency and the contraction of the arc; the high-power cutting power source is in the direction of the thyristor. Development, and the use of certain compensation measures to improve efficiency, thereby increasing the cutting speed and improving the cutting quality. In recent years, with the development of plasma arc technology, cutting carbon steel and low alloy steel below 20mm, because of its fast cutting speed and good comprehensive efficiency, there is an increasing trend in the application of construction machinery manufacturing.
2. Oxyacetylene/new-type gas flame cutting Since the raw material for acetylene production is calcium carbide, a large amount of calcium carbide slag (1t calcium carbide generates 3.3t calcium carbide slag) and toxic and harmful gases such as HS and S0 will be discharged during the production process, which will seriously pollute the environment. Dissolving acetylene gas also consumes a large amount of important chemical raw material acetone, which increases the production cost. Therefore, over the past 20 years, relevant research institutions and companies at home and abroad have invested a lot of money to develop new types of fuel gas with low research cost, safety, and reduced environmental pollution. At present, China has independently developed and introduced a variety of new industrial gases instead of acetylene for industrial flames. Processing. At the same time, cutting torches that are matched with new industrial fuels have also been put into operation and put into production. Various types of torches are complete. Hand torch cutting thickness up to 350mm, machine torch cutting thickness up to 1800mm.
3, laser cutting The industrial application of laser cutting began in the early 1970s. Due to its cutting size, good quality, high speed, high precision and high efficiency, it has been widely used in various industries. With the increase of power level, stability and reliability of laser devices and advances in processing technology, the application fields have gradually expanded to the cutting of various metal and non-metal plates. According to the statistics of 2002, laser cutting accounts for the largest proportion in the world laser industry application range, which is about 24%.
4, water jet cutting water jet as a precision processing method for industrial products, which is characterized by no or little heat release, no heat distortion, no gas or steam exhaust. The research of this cutting technology began in the 1960s. After more than 20 years of research and development abroad, the first high-pressure water jet cutting machine was manufactured to enable it to cut various metals and ceramics. In the 1990s, China developed a domestic high-pressure abrasive-type water jet cutting equipment and used it for production. At present, most of the water jet cutting equipment is mainly used for the cutting of non-metallic sheets.
B. Technical and economical comparison At present, thermal cutting is widely used in the construction machinery industry, and the three cutting technologies of flame, plasma, and laser all belong to thermal cutting. The technical and economical comparisons of the three cutting technologies are shown in the following table.
Technical and economic comparison table CNC flame cutting machine cutting deformation, cutting speed is low, need to warm up before cutting, take a long time, but can use multiple torch cutting at the same time, consumable parts long service life. Although plasma cutting can cut all metal plates and many non-metal materials, the maximum cutting speed can reach 10m/min, which is 10 times that of flame cutting, but the incision width is larger. Except for thin plates, the cutting surface is easy to “collapse”. Plates can be economically cut. Laser cutting machine is expensive, but it can realize high-speed and high-precision cutting of thin plate and medium-thick plate, and can realize unattended operation at the same time.
C. Application Form No matter what kind of cutting technology, there are different forms of application. Flame, plasma, and laser all have small cutting mechanical products and CNC coordinate cutting mechanical products.
Among them, the flame cutting technology has the largest number of small-sized cutting machines, ranging from general semi-automatic gas cutting machines, profile gas cutting machines, photoelectric tracking gas cutting machines, special steel gas cutting machines, saddle-shaped gas cutting machines to about 20 types, and the price is suitable. Both small and medium-sized enterprises are equipped with conditions, which can be perfectly suitable for cutting and cutting under various conditions. In addition, it has also been improved on the basis of small cutting machines to complete U, V, Y, K-shaped groove and ball groove cutting and intersecting wire cutting and other technological requirements.
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