Spark plugs for high pressure cleaning vehicles should be checked and cleaned frequently

Generally , the service life of spark plugs for high-pressure cleaning vehicles is 15,000 km, and the service life of spark plugs for long-term high-pressure cleaning vehicles is 30000 km. The function of the spark plug is to introduce the high voltage pulse generated by the ignition coil into the combustion chamber, and use the spark generated by the electrode to ignite the mixture to complete the combustion.

Domestic spark plug models consist of three numbers or letters. The preceding number indicates the thread diameter, such as the number 1, which means that the thread diameter is 10mm, the middle letter indicates the length of the spark plug screwed into the cylinder part; the last digit indicates the thermal type of the spark plug: 1-3 is hot type, 5, 6 is Medium, 7 or more cold.

The "gap" of the spark plug is its main working technical index. The gap is too large, the high voltage generated by the ignition coil and the distributor is difficult to skip, which makes the engine start difficult. If the gap is too small, it will cause the spark to be weak, and it is prone to leakage.

There are two kinds of common failures of spark plugs for high pressure cleaning vehicles:

1. The spark plug severely ablates the tip, the electrode melts, and the ablation shows that the spark plug has been destroyed and should be replaced.

2. The spark plug has deposits. The top of the spark plug insulator and the electrode may sometimes have deposits. In severe cases, the engine will not work. If the spark plug is cleaned, it can be remedied temporarily. However, the root cause of the fault must be identified.

High pressure cleaning car spark plug inspection:

1. Disassembly: Remove the high-voltage sub-ring on the spark plug and mark it in the original position to avoid dislocation. During removal, pay attention to remove dust and debris at the spark plug hole in advance to prevent debris from falling into the cylinder. When disassembling, use a spark plug sleeve to secure the spark plug, rotate it to remove it, and arrange it in turn.

2. Check: The normal color of the electrode of the spark plug is grayish. If the electrode burns black with carbon deposition, there is a fault. During the inspection, the spark plug and the cylinder body can be conducted, and the terminal of the spark plug is contacted with the central high-voltage line, and then the ignition switch is turned on to observe the position of the high voltage jump. If the position of the jumper is in the spark plug gap of the high-pressure cleaner, it means that the spark plug works well, otherwise it needs to be replaced.

3 , spark plug electrode gap adjustment: Various models of high-pressure cleaning car spark plug gap are different, generally should be between 0.7-0.9, check the gap size, available spark plug gauge or thin metal sheet. If the gap is too large, use a screwdriver handle to gently tap the outer electrode so that the gap is normal; if the gap is too small, you can use the screwdriver or metal sheet to insert the electrode to move outward.

4. Replacement of spark plugs for high-pressure cleaning vehicles: Spark plugs are easy-to-consum- ing parts. Generally, they should be replaced when they are between 20000-30000 km. Spark plug replacement marks are not flashed or the electrode discharge is ablated due to roundness. In addition, if the use of spark plugs are often found carbon deposition, off the fire, usually because the spark plug is too cold, need to use hot-type spark plug; if there is a hot ignition phenomenon or the impact sound in the cylinder, you need to use cold-type spark plug.

5 , the cleaning of the spark plug of the high-pressure cleaning car : The oil or carbon deposits of the spark plug should be cleaned in time, but do not use flame barbecue. If the porcelain core is damaged or broken, it should be replaced

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