Regret it is too late to send text messages can be modified

Have you ever encountered such a thing? When sending a message, because the input was too fast or a wrong key was pressed, a piece of content was entered and sent out without checking. It can only be seen that sending progress bars is full and I don't know what to do. The troubles in this type of life abound. In response to this phenomenon, Apple has applied for a new patent and can modify it within one minute after sending an error message.

Apple said that although the automatic correction function is a very good and convenient function when sending short messages, it is difficult to achieve perfection. This patent helps you to ensure the content of your text messages is correct and correct unnecessary flaws when you enter text messages. In addition, the patent strengthens the monitoring of typos, especially the text you sent in a hurry.
Apple’s patent is still able to review the text message after you click the send button. There is still 1 minute to correct the text message before it is officially sent. At this time you can fix any errors. Once you find a problem within this one minute, you can quickly make changes.

Overview of the UTECH CO2 Laser Cutter

Product Description:

CO2 Laser Engraver is special for some vertical materials, it mainly used in the vertical tomb industry, this machine can be fixed onto the tomb for some engraving work, also can do some normal cutting and engraving work.

Applicable materials:
Rubber, Marble, granite, jeans, fabric, acrylic, MDF, wood, bamboo, organic glass, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass and other non-metal materials, etc.

Applicable industries:

Advertisement, gift, shoes, toys, computers, garments, model cutting, building, packaging, paper industry, etc.

laser cutting machine for wood acrylic MDF

wood laser cutting machine

jeans laser cutting machine

Advantages of UTECH Laser Cutting Machine:

1. Ball screw transmission
Compared with belt transmission , high precision with fast speed.
2. Stepper motor and river
Standard machine equipped with stepper motor and driver, also can choose hybrid or other servo motor and driver.
3. Ruida 6332M control system Controller
1) Original new version Ruida 6332M control system, support DSP control.
2) High speed USB data transmission interface, download speed is up to 500kb/s
3) The control panel has 12 language for optional,such as Chinese,English,French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Korean,Japanese and so on.
4) It supports multiple graphic formats, such as PLT / DXF / BMP / JPG / GIF / PGN / TIF and so on.
5) This machine is equipped with Control System for CorelDraw/AutoCAD and other advance software.
6) Very easy-operating control board and you can also see the engraving path from the control board.
4. Professional Laser headJust one year time,we have improve the laser head three times ,many factory is still use the first
or second one.
At present the latest generation is the most perfect of laser head, compared to the previous two generations, it has many advantages ,such as higher precision, better stability,more convenient to adjust.
And it is also the most popular design for customers.
5. Co2 Laser Tube ( Original Reci laser tube , Best brand in china )
Using life :8000-10000 hours
Global Warranty 12 months
6. Bracket of co2 laser tube
We not only use the best brand laser tube, in order to make the laser tube to play the best results ,for the auxiliary components ,we have also made constantly improvements, such as laser tube bracket, lens bracket, etc.
7. Laser supplier matched with the laser tube
Laser power supplier installed Independent , compared with the general install together with other Electrical Equipment,  it can reduce interference of other
Electrical Equipment this can ensure the better performance of the laser power.
8. 550W exhaust fan
9. Water pump or Water chiller CW3000/5000/5200
To Cool Laser tube and Longer the lifetime of Laser tube.
Supporting upgradation to CW6000 with extra payment.

laser cutter

laser cutting machine

Every machine is packed with great care and tough material.
It is packed with cling films first and then film bags.
At last, it is packed with wooden case which is reinforced with the iron bar on the top and bottom.
With this kind machine, all our Laser Machine can protect well during long trip by sea or by train.
We can transport machine by boat or by training, according to your requirement.

laser machine for engraving glass


Model UTECH Laser cutting machine
Working area 1300*900mm/1300mmx2500mm, etc
Laser Types Seal CO2 LaserTube
Laser power 130W/150W/180W/260W
Engraving speed 100-600mm/s
Cutting speed 0-30mm/s
Location precision ≤0.01mm
Resetting positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Power supply AC110- 220V/50-60HZ
Controlling software RDCAM
Operating temperature 0 - 45°
Operating humidity 5-95%
Minimum shaping character English 1 x 1mm
360°slope engrave Yes
Driving system Stepper
Cooling mode Water-cooling and protection system
Auxiliary Devices Exhauster and the Exhaust Pipe
Software RDCAM V6.0
Graphic format supported BMP, CIF, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, PLT, AI, DXF, DWG,etc
Optional Atuomatic feeding system, rotary axis, auto-focus

Laser Cutting Machine

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