Domestic luxury single-phase large load stainless steel electric anchor machine developed successfully

On April 10th, China's self-developed luxury AC single-phase large-load stainless steel electric anchor machine was successfully developed in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province! The anchor chain is suitable for anchor chain diameter: Φ12. 5mm, anchoring load: 6.9kN, anchoring speed: 9/12m/min, tether tension: 5kN, tether speed: 9/12m/min, motor power: 2.2/1.2KW. After the completion of the complete set of drawings, CCS audited by China Classification Society. This type of anchoring machine is mainly used for high-end cruise ships, yachts, official law enforcement boats, military ships anchoring, mooring. Tested and evaluated by ABS, BV, CCS, ZC, ZY, RINA and other domestic and foreign ship inspection agencies, the performance is at the leading level in the industry at home and abroad! This is a new breakthrough made by the domestic stainless steel electric windlass in the new era of Endeavour to break the monopoly of foreign technology.
Domestic luxury single-phase large load stainless steel electric anchor machine developed successfully
At noon that day, in the production workshop of Jiangsu Jiesheng Anchor Machine Co., Ltd., in the packaging workshop, the workers are packing a batch of intelligent high-end stainless steel electric anchors with different specifications. The anchoring machine adopts wear-resistant marine anchor sprocket, planetary reducer and marine brake. The speed motor, the main electric control box and the main controller are IP56 type and non-asbestos environmental protection brake belt and base. It is ready to be shipped to shipyards in Shanghai, Dalian and Guangzhou.

With more than 10 years of experience in the construction of windlass, the company has formed a complete set of luxury stainless steel anchoring machine enterprise standards, from stainless steel anchor sprocket, drive shaft ordering to speed gear pre-processing, construction cutting, splicing, assembly, commissioning, etc. The process has formed a standardized and standardized management process, which greatly improves the work efficiency, and can provide customers with efficient service and high quality stainless steel anchor machine.

The development of domestic stainless steel luxury large load anchors has entered a new era. Jiangsu Jiesheng will look at the past and sum up experience in the coordinates of the new era. It prides itself on being unsatisfied and striving for progress. It is necessary to plan the future with the vision of a new era, establish a higher target, and take up the new new era. Mission; to more consciously put the development of stainless steel anchor machine into the historical background of "building a strong country in the marine economy" to think about it, always adhere to high-quality development, always adhere to systematic thinking, always adhere to the customer-centered, always insist on lifting up the sleeves We will work hard to promote the development of high quality domestically produced stainless steel anchoring machines in the new era.

    What is Feeder on the placement machine? What is Feida on the placement machine? Feida is the main accessory of the placement machine. Its function is to mount the SMD patch components on the feeder, and the feeder provides components for the placement machine for patching.

    In the placement machine, the feeder functions to supply the chip component SMC/SMD to the placement head in a regular pattern and order for accurate and convenient pickup, which occupies a large number and position in the placement machine. It is also an important part of choosing a placement machine and arranging the placement process. Depending on the SMC/SMD package, feeders typically have a variety of tapes, sticks, waffles, and bulk materials.

    Tape feeders with the different size such as 8mm, 16mm, 24mm, 32mm, 44mm, 56mm etc.

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