The super typhoon "Maria" is coming, and the agricultural machinery departments everywhere are waiting

[ China Agricultural Machinery Network Hot Spots ] The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a red warning for the typhoon this year, that is, the No. 8 typhoon "Maria". "Maria" formed on the ocean surface near Guam on July 4, and then quickly strengthened into a super typhoon, which has a greater impact on the southeast coast.
China Meteorological Observatory conducts meteorological satellite monitoring of Typhoon No. 8
According to the news released by the Meteorological Observatory on the 11th, the center of the No. 8 typhoon "Malia" landed at the coast of Huanghua Peninsula in Lianjiang County, Fujian Province around 9:10, and the large wind near the center was 14 (42 m/ Seconds), the center pressure is 960 hectopascals. At the moment, the harvesting of early rice in the south is frequent, and the use of agricultural machinery is frequent. In the face of the threat of the super typhoon “Maria”, the agricultural machinery departments in various places are ready to take precautions.
Zhejiang Agricultural Machinery Administration
Initiate the corresponding anti-Taiwan emergency plan in a timely manner, strive to reduce the disaster losses to a large extent; strengthen the attention to the trend of "Maria" and related weather changes, promptly inform the agricultural machinery and related information, and improve the emergency information reporting system.
Seriously implement defensive measures, strengthen machine scheduling, increase investment in agricultural transport aircraft, do a good job of rushing, rushing, and rushing; organize water pumps and excavators to do paddy field drainage work; transfer equipment stored in low-lying areas warehouses to Safety zone to prevent the machine from being flooded; for the grain dryer that cannot be transferred, it should be reinforced, cut off the power supply, remove the detachable parts such as motor, moisture meter and computer board and transfer to a safe place; especially for the hangar room and facility greenhouse It is a reinforced shed for reinforcement. According to changes in wind and rain, the film and sunshade nets should be removed in time to prevent the shed from being deformed and collapsed by heavy storms. The dynamic supervision of the tractors on the roads should be strengthened to prevent large and above agricultural accidents during typhoons.
After the typhoon, it is necessary to organize and repair the flooded and damaged mechanical equipment in time, and dispatch water pumps to collect water in the fields. It is necessary to strengthen communication and coordination with insurance institutions, guide the settlement of agricultural machinery, facilities and equipment that have been insured, and reduce the losses of farmers.
Hubei Agricultural Machinery Bureau
Strengthen the implementation of responsibility, stabilize the optimization of grain production for the heavy rainfall and windy weather brought by the typhoon, resist the disaster and harvest the harvest, and report the major disasters in time.
It is necessary to ensure that all measures are in place, formulate defense plans, use the media to publicize typhoon prevention measures, and pay special attention to giving full play to the advantages of agricultural machinery for disaster relief, disaster reduction and mitigation; relevant agricultural machinery and equipment to do registration and maintenance work; agricultural machinery cooperatives and agricultural machinery enterprises to do well , plant protection, rushing and other disaster relief reserves; timely implementation of technical measures to restore production after disasters; increase equipment and manpower input, promptly remove and remove stains, guide farmers to properly breed seedlings, easy to replant and replant; increase agricultural machinery Plant protection is popularized to prevent the outbreak of crop pests and diseases after the disaster; prevent agricultural machinery failures and accidents, and ensure the safe production of agricultural machinery.
Jiangxi Agricultural Bureau
Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, strengthen monitoring and early warning, implement defensive measures, and pay close attention to production self-help. Increase the input of machinery and manpower, timely remove and remove stains, strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, and promote the recovery of the affected crops; actively guide farmers to harvest early rice, and plant early rice with a maturity of more than 85%, which is more likely to fall or fall. The area catches the rain and pauses before the harvest, and then freezes in time to prevent the loss of rice caused by precipitation; notify the relevant fishing boats and farmers in the relevant lake area to return to Hong Kong as soon as possible or avoid the wind and avoid the waves to ensure the safety of personnel; grasp the fruit trees, The greenhouse facilities and livestock and poultry pens are fully inspected and reinforced, and the drainage system of the livestock and poultry farms is cleared in time.
In the face of natural disasters, agricultural machinery plays an increasingly important role in agricultural production. In many disasters, agricultural machinery has even surpassed its own attributes and played an important role in disaster relief at the critical juncture. The typhoon "Maria" has strong intensity, fast moving speed, and positive landing. The impact is serious. Whether it is agricultural machinery enterprises or agricultural machinery people need to work together to resist the harm caused by natural disasters.
This article is compiled and published by this website. Some sources are: China Meteorological Administration, Zhejiang Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Hubei Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Jiangxi Provincial Agriculture Bureau. If you have any infringement or objection, please contact us.

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