Wan Gang: The biggest pressure in the transformation of the internal combustion engine will be tightened in the future.


Wan Gang, Vice Chairman of the National Committee

On April 26, 2018, the 2018 China Automotive Forum, jointly sponsored by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) and CCTV Financial Channel, and supported by the World Organization of Automobiles (OICA), was held in Beijing. The forum takes new trends and new strategies as its themes and focuses on the direction, steps, and trends of industrial development. The following are statements made by Vice Chairman Wan Gang of the CPPCC National Committee:

Dear president, dear friends, everyone here is more familiar. Once a year, the China Society for Automotive, the focus of the whole society, is being held today. In this forum, friends from all countries and parties will put forward their views on the development of automobiles. Just now Mr. Qi Zhuquan said that he is an outsider of the car. I think you have spoken very deeply. It represents the development of the automobile in the social media and the development of the automobile industry. It is worth thinking about this together. Our country and the auto industry have entered the era of high quality development. Yesterday, this was the first time in more than a decade that we had the opportunity to look at the auto show more comprehensively. I have many feelings that the development in recent years has indeed achieved great results. achievement.

There are three impressions. The first impression is that the quality of China's automobile development is closely following the development of time to the high end. Secondly, the development of the world's automobiles is taking on the mission we should have. It is to optimize the energy institutions to cope with climate change and make cars more suitable for the sustainable development of mankind. Thirdly, the expectation of the whole society for automobiles is getting bigger and bigger, and the embeddedness of life is getting deeper and deeper. It also shows that the society is moving toward a new era of automobile development. Therefore, looking at today's issues, I would like to talk about personal energy and experience, and talk about how the new energy auto industry will develop in the reform, grow in openness, and grow step by step in innovation.

My main point is to talk about some thoughts about advancing the development of new energy vehicles in our country in the new era. The development of our country's new energy vehicles may have been more than a decade since the beginning of this century. These more than 10 years have received the attention of the central government and the attention of the whole society, especially the efforts of automakers. I have been reviewing the fact that when General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected SAIC Group in 2014, he pointed out that the research and development of new energy vehicles can occupy the commanding heights has become the focus of competition in today's auto industry, the automotive industry market is very large, is the degree of management refinement High industries, the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for our country to be a big country for cars, and a strong country for automobiles. Therefore, we need to increase R&D efforts, study the market seriously, use the policies to make good use of it, and develop products that meet various needs to become A strong growth point. The practice of these years also saw the then General Secretary Xi for us depicting a roadmap for the development of the automotive industry.


I will talk about the two, the first one, the new situation faced by the development of China's new energy vehicles. Recall that in 2017, new energy vehicles have become the symbol of the global automotive industry transformation and upgrading. By 2017, the major countries in the world, new energy vehicles, the so-called major countries are the 20 countries that the World Energy Organization regularly tracks statistics. In 2017, the total production volume has exceeded 1.42 million units. China’s sales volume has reached approximately 777,000 units, and some of them have reached 779,000 units. The cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in the world totaled 3.4 million, and China surpassed the middle half. More than 1.6 million vehicles. China accounted for more than 50% of the total, making energy conservation and emissions reductions and making new contributions to the fight against climate change.

From last year’s situation, public vehicles accounted for 80% of pure electric vehicles, commercial vehicles 184,000, accounting for 21.5%. From this perspective, the rapid development of commercial vehicles, especially in urban public transportation applications, More and more people are embedded in people's lives. From January to March this year, the sales of new energy vehicles grew rapidly, and the total sales volume was 140,000. Due to the low output at the beginning of last year, the increase amounted to 154%, including the development of passenger vehicles. The development of commercial vehicles has reached a relatively high speed.

In 2017, we have made new progress in the R&D and industrialization of key technology components and parts. The key technologies for power batteries have advanced rapidly, and the power battery indicators have also been steadily increasing. The power battery has reached 260 kWh, and the price is below two yuan, and some of them are at about five wool per watt. All the power batteries are also developing significantly. The technology has further broken through, among which our most critical power electronics chip IGBP, system integration, has made significant progress, with power exceeding 3.3 kilowatts per kilogram. The corresponding power of the fuel cell also exceeds 2,000 watts per liter. A series of related technologies have also developed rapidly. Particularly noticeable is the gradual listing of multiple brands of Netlink vehicles, which has achieved a good performance in the market. Autopilot technology has also emerged. Yesterday I took a look. Basically, the newly-launched cars have achieved the first step of the Internet, and the car is connected to the Internet. But it really takes a long time for car networking.

The rapid and healthy development of China’s auto and new energy vehicles has benefited from the central government’s high priority. Thanks to the establishment of a comprehensive system, it has a research and development system, an industrial development system, and innovations in policies relating to market expansion mechanisms. Basic facilities, and business model innovation. These innovative trends have contributed to the rapid development of China's new energy industry.

In 2012, when the state promulgated the industrial planning for the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, there was a figure at that time. By 2015, there should be approximately 500,000 vehicles. By 2020, it will reach an annual output of 2 million vehicles and 5 million vehicles.

Frankly speaking, since 2010, when buses and rentals began to promote electric vehicles, the progress was still very difficult. Until the end of 2014, we had about 150,000 vehicles in operation. When all policies are fully implemented and implemented, new energy vehicles have been rapidly developed and reached 470,000 by 2015. This tells us that a technological innovation and industrial innovation is not enough. It also needs the support of the whole society. It also needs to promote it in all aspects. It also needs to go from technical construction to market building to the construction of market atmosphere, especially The support of our media is also very important. We analyze various advantages and disadvantages, promote construction, and allow more people to try. I have calculated that if we want to achieve a production and sales volume of 2 million cars, we also need automakers and we need to work together for the entire society. We calculate that sales of 770,000 units in 2017 have doubled compared to 2015. Now it seems that everyone thinks that by 2018, this year, from the current sales momentum, it seems that there is basically not much worry about reaching 1 million vehicles. In other words, we have to double again in 2016. But to really reach the 2 million annual output of 2020, it needs us to double our efforts on the basis of this year's efforts. In other words, only the speed of doubling every year can reach our standard, the plan we made that year. So this plan was still very courageous. However, I think that the development of this plan by the state itself is the process of unifying the thinking of the entire society. This process provides the conditions for the transformation and development of our automobile industry, in order to cope with energy and air pollution, and in particular to address climate change. The joint efforts of society.

We have seen in recent years that electric vehicles, electric vehicles, and intelligent vehicles are leading the innovation and development of the global automotive industry. Since 2016, the Nordic countries announced that they would stop selling from 2030, Norway’s first stop selling, and later Sweden’s other countries all proposed to stop selling traditional fuel cars. Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, including our Asian The country, our friend India, has gradually announced a political will to develop in the direction of electrification and intelligence. At the same time, it is also formulating a corresponding road map and timetable for development.

Correspondingly, developed countries and multinational corporations such as Europe and the United States, Japan, etc. are simultaneously making efforts in terms of electrification and intelligence. For example, the Volkswagen Group proposed to upgrade the 2025 and publish the plan for E. Starting from 2019, the entire series will be electrified. What I was interested in yesterday was the integration of the engine and the circuit system. The mechatronic drive system also represented The future direction of development. Toyota is a front-runner in this regard and proposed a plan for the 2030 new energy vehicle model. Their goals are also quite high. Others, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, have all introduced their models of electric vehicles, and we also saw this show.

In this general trend, the development of China's new energy vehicles has always been closely linked with the development of global new energy vehicles. It has always been integrated in the global trend of development, but also played its own leading role. In terms of multilateral cooperation, we held the International Conference of Clean Energy Ministers last year. More than 20 countries, equivalent to all G20 countries, have come together to discuss the transformation of clean energy. Among them, electric vehicles are an important direction. The goal of the 3030 struggle is proposed. That is to say, by 2030, 30% of cars should be new energy vehicles. At the same time, plans for the development direction of each country are also formulated. The Global Environment Facility project is moving forward with the cooperation of all countries. China is also actively involved in GEF's fuel vehicles, new energy project vehicles, and integrated application projects for global environmental projects. In bilateral cooperation, China and Germany initiated the establishment of a Sino-German electric vehicle joint center. In the direction of planning strategies and demonstrations, at the same time, the two countries' point-to-point cooperation has also undergone great changes, such as Sino-U.S. clean energy, the Sino-U.S. Clean Vehicle Alliance, cooperation for many years, and electric vehicle research centers. The fuel cell, power battery and wheel drive form a 2+2 mode.

Just now our cooperation has also been implemented into production. This time I specially collected some of the electric vehicles developed on the basis of joint venture brands exhibited at the Beijing Auto Show. For example, the electric A6L of FAW Audi, for example, FAW. This is a good trend for VW joint-production Tiguan and Guangzhou Automobile's Yangge and a series of joint venture brands.

We encourage companies to set up joint ventures with Chinese companies while opening up to jointly develop cars. New energy vehicles are also our common development goals. In particular, our power batteries, motors and battery materials have gradually become integrated into the world's international new energy auto parts supply network, becoming an important global supplier. Our next step is to focus on promoting the opening and innovation of new energy vehicles. Our new energy vehicle is a major national science and technology project. It is itself a major measure for reform. Over the past 20 years, a series of multilateral and bilateral major scientific and technological projects have been implemented in technical research and marketing, which has accumulated rich experience in international cooperation and created a new model of cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes. China’s new energy vehicles and components have entered In dozens of countries, the products of new energy vehicles in various countries are also active in the Chinese market. They are also supported by the government and welcomed by the public. China has become an important force in the innovation and development of new energy vehicles and has played an important support and guidance. effect.

President Xi of the Boao Forum delivered an important speech. To implement this speech, everyone must act. Recently, the NDRC also announced some open measures in the automotive industry. It gave me a deep impression that the opening up and innovation of China's new energy vehicles will take the lead and lead role in the new round of opening up of the new era of the country.

In short, optimizing the energy structure to prevent and control atmospheric pollution and respond to climate change is a common responsibility that humans must face. The automotive community in various countries is obliged to shoulder the burden. We hope to be frank and open-minded in cooperation, and we must work together to innovate and make due contributions to the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry.

Now I would like to talk about the new thinking we have for promoting the development of national new energy vehicles. In the new situation, we are faced with more challenges. As people demand more and more cars and the environment, we face enormous challenges. First, the traditional drive system, in the face of more stringent emission standards, reduction in consumption and carbon reduction and the requirements for transformation and development, the pressure for transformation should be transformed into the dynamics of industrial upgrading.

The second is our pure electric vehicle. Now it is developing rapidly. However, there are still many shortcomings. We cannot fully satisfy the requirements of the automotive market. We need to continue to explore new directions and new strategies.

Third, our basic research, infrastructure construction is still not enough, and the system of construction and operation services needs to be more complete and flexible. Therefore, we must focus on innovation, new energy vehicles, including the business model of the operation of the infrastructure market. Fourth, in the future development of electrification and intelligence, our existing policies must be adjusted accordingly. The corresponding standards and regulations must be formulated at an accelerated pace and be more applicable to innovation and development, green civilization, and universal inclusion. The fifth is that new energy vehicles should be an important starting point for combating pollution. This requires us to pay more attention to technological innovation, transformation and upgrading, policy systems and international cooperation.

The development of our new energy vehicles actually began at the beginning of this century. At that time, I had just returned to China and was also a dream with the development of new energy vehicles and electric vehicles. At that time, the country launched a major project, focusing on three vertical and three horizontal, that is, focusing For key technologies and power control systems, electric motors, motors and batteries. By the time of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the electric-driven industrialization strategy was strengthened, and the development direction of the intelligent pure electric drive was determined in the new era. To pursue higher efficiency, it is necessary to increase the energy and increase the power of the battery.

In the future development direction of electric vehicles, the new development strategy is to clearly define the new direction of electrification and intelligence, and to innovate the technical strategy of new energy vehicles. The product of the vehicle should be integrated with energy storage and high specific power. , High-efficiency drive and energy recovery, intelligent control, lightweight bodywork, etc. Its unit energy will increase rapidly. Last year, at the 100-person meeting, I conducted an analysis. We now include the world's products. Its trend is an upward trend of the index. Body weight, the higher the overall vehicle weight, the higher the actual energy consumption. Therefore, the advanced sign of electric vehicles should be high-energy animal energy, high-powered drive, and it is very important to recover the energy during driving. Because we want to improve the core technology of SanDong, we must strengthen its system research and integration in high energy density, power battery, high power density fuel cell, high power feedback and control system.

The second is to increase the research and development of fuel cell engines to promote the commercialization of the journey. We are now developing electric cars very quickly and most of them are still operating in cities. Urban public transport is only a small part, and remote public transport is a relatively large amount. The mileage of a remote bus can be replaced by a fuel cell drive instead of its development.

Another thing that must be done right now is the recovery of the vehicle's power battery. The power battery used in a car does not end smoothly when it is decommissioned. It can be used for a long period of time in a livestock power station. Therefore, its life span is a two-cycle cycle, so it is necessary to make ladder reuse and recycling. Make it application and industrialization.

The pressure on the transformation of our internal combustion engine industry is greatest, and the regulations in the future will be more stringent. Either Europe, Japan, or China have proposed standards for the future fuel consumption of automobiles, and they must meet standards. At the same time, the emission standards are more stringent. In terms of technology, everyone must pay attention to the fact that since the implementation of the WLTC's dynamic testing, the challenge for the automotive industry has been enormous. But on the other hand, such dynamic tests also provide a greater direction for our energy recovery. The form of hybrid power has a wide market, but it must adapt to new forms and new requirements to carry out transformation and upgrading, and it must turn pressure into the driving force for industrial upgrading.

On the one hand, the internal combustion engine technology itself must use efficiency to reduce emissions as the main line, and carry out organized scientific research on high-quality technologies, high-performance key components, and advanced combustion technologies.

In the second aspect, the current application also indicates that the direction of electrification of the internal combustion engine will become the future direction. The power of the internal combustion engine for electric vehicles has become a new direction. From the standpoint of the hybrid system, the mean value of our internal combustion engine development is relatively low. This time we saw some companies at the auto show and have started the transformation and upgrading of the internal combustion engine. I think this is the direction of future transformation and development. And to deal with new requirements, we must go. I think developing a highly efficient electromechanical hybrid system is the direction of our current new energy vehicle.

Another issue that everyone needs to care about is how the industrial chain of self-driving cars is constructed. Our current automated driving has reached a new stage. In particular, last year the State Council promulgated a new research and development system for artificial intelligence planning. Intelligent transportation also serves as an important direction. It establishes an open source open platform through an open approach. Ways to promote the development of core technologies to the market.

Our goal of developing autonomous driving is first and foremost targeting safety, green, efficiency, and sharing. I rarely talk about driverless driving, because I think that driving a car is a kind of driving experience for people and an experience for people. It is also an experience for people. One of the needs of people. So it's hard to say don't. However, we must see that there are studies that show that 80% of accidents are caused by human factors, and many are due to fatigue driving and temporary negligence. Autopilot should first solve this problem.

The other one I think, from the technical development point of view, the electric vehicle is the best carrier for automatic driving, because the electric vehicle is fully electrified, and its entire control technology is more suitable for automated development. Therefore, in conjunction with the implementation of a new generation of major artificial intelligence projects, it is necessary to build a platform for autonomous driving, open source and openness, and more development under the new situation.

Now we have established a number of open source and open platforms, such as Baidu’s automated driving platform, in accordance with the requirements. The goal is to combine these automobile industries and related Internet and control industries, and use open source to promote healthy ecology. . The second is to promote the development of key devices through the integration of production, study and research, and start with smart terminals to open up the technology chain and industrial chain of autonomous driving. Third, we must strengthen the information network connectivity. In other words, the digitalization of the road will be a focus on infrastructure construction below. In other words, every traffic light, every important road information, should have its own informatization logo to indicate the road conditions, so as to truly ensure that autopilot is perfectly safe. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the standards for vehicle network informationization and strengthen the foundation for safe operation.

In terms of politics, we still need to maintain the continuity of the policy. We have always said that financial subsidies are a means for the development of the automobile industry, and also to make up for the current economic structure, that is to say that emissions are not paid for, then it is necessary to not discharge. Automobiles, zero-emission vehicles give subsidies. However, at the market level, this subsidy has a process of implementation and a process of regression. Therefore, after the retreat, its corresponding policies and measures must be studied and a long-term operating mechanism must be established. Finally, it will go to the process of carbon trading.

For many years, our country has formed a policy system for new energy vehicles. Since the beginning of this year, both in the transportation sector and in the urban construction sector have supported new energy construction. Therefore, I think that in our country's development of new energy, I remember that in order to reduce dependence on oil and avoid air pollution, we must go deeper from this point of view. Therefore, we must not forget what the initial heart was. In the past few years, our roadmap for electric vehicles has not gone. The same, but it cuts in to the public transport that has the greatest impact on society. On the one hand, it has driven the development of the automotive industry, and on the other, it has also led to the application of electric vehicles to society as a whole.

Sharing cars may meet people’s demands for car demand and reduce the burden on personal cars. Especially this year, it is particularly fond of sharing cars, while expanding sales in the electric vehicle market, improving charging facilities, etc., and building markets. Therefore, we must formulate technical standards, support the transition, strengthen the research and formulation of standards, and especially focus on the transformation of new energy. It is the transformation and upgrading of automobiles that must study and formulate standards concerning ultra-low emission of new energy vehicles, especially the absorption of new energy vehicles. Experts came up with this standard.

The second is to strengthen the electricity price reform. Last year I went to inspect the State Grid. As long as the volatile electricity price is implemented in this region, more than 70% of the electric vehicles are in this fluctuation range, which is very important for the power sector. The other one is just mentioned that the use of battery batteries is recycled and reused.

Third, it is necessary to steadily push forward the introduction of the autopilot policy from the policies and regulations, the development planning and technical standards of autopilot operations, and the safe and effective operation, and gradually enter the market. The goal of automatic driving is hard to achieve, but it will certainly exist. In retrospect, from the perspective of autopilot, ESP and auto-cruise are all autopilots, and the application of each new technology will bring changes to the company. Therefore, the two are complementary, and new energy vehicles have some phased alternatives. Autopilot is a gradual process.

We also see that some of our leading companies have entered the construction of infrastructure, investing on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can also absorb social participation. This is the way of using the market. Including some leading companies in the deployment of new energy and fuel cell industry development, especially new energy facilities. On February 11th this year, our country established an interdisciplinary, cross-industry, and cross-departmental national-level new energy industry alliance, which indicates that China's new energy and fuel cells will accelerate development.

Another concern for everyone is new energy vehicles, the automotive industry itself, and the companies themselves are changing. From the past, a single mode of sales of automotive products by automotive companies is gradually shifting to a new business model in which products, services, charging, and operations are combined. In fact, there are also 300,000 shared cars in China. This number is still a lot, and the user satisfaction rate is gradually increasing.

The transformation and upgrading of automobiles is a long-term process. Although our country's new energy vehicles started early, they have an overall strength advantage of Weibo. Those who travel hundreds of miles are 90-90. We must continue to strengthen technological innovation, industrial upgrading, policy innovation, and business innovation, and strive to improve the quality of supply and create economic and social benefits. Over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China's auto industry has been developing in the course of reform, growing up in development, and growing in innovation. To enter a new era, we must implement the new policy in a down-to-earth manner, exert innovative advantages, strengthen international cooperation, work together, be determined to innovate, and work hard to achieve the development goals of China's auto industry. Thank you all.

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