Non-line-of-sight individual wireless remote monitoring system analysis

With the development of the times, many local wireless monitoring has been unable to meet the remote monitoring needs of customers.
In order to strengthen the management of the company's employees, understand the situation of the company's branch offices and site sites, and the alarm video of the emergency, local monitoring is far from meeting the real-time monitoring needs of customers, then how to achieve remote remote control Monitoring? Today, Shenzhen Lai'an Technology Xiaobian introduces you, how to realize remote monitoring remotely?
In recent days, Xiaobian has done the most work on how to realize the remote monitoring and monitoring of individual soldiers in non-line-of-sight conditions. In fact, as long as the front-end local monitoring is set up, it is very easy to realize remote monitoring. The production of wireless individual equipment can achieve 5 km transmission in densely populated buildings. It solves the limitation of customer obstacles. If it is in an open and unobstructed condition, it can realize transmission over a long distance. Therefore, wireless individual equipment At present, it is also a product favored by customers. The signal collected by the front-end individual video is transmitted to the local receiver with the COFDM signal. The local can store the video in real time. If you want to realize remote remote viewing and add a single video encoder, Remote access can be realized by accessing the router. Whether it is using single soldier transmission or wireless bridge transmission, only local host plus single video decoder can be connected to the router to realize remote remote monitoring. Voice or video can be achieved. However, it should be noted that to achieve remote monitoring remotely, the upstream bandwidth must reach 2M or more. Otherwise, it will come out. Caton is like Specifically how to set up remote call our technical staff.

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