Furnace production process outside the furnace

Cooked main raw material for production of molybdenum is molybdenum iron, molybdenum, molybdenum is a source of iron, in addition to high-grade outside of the impurities have strict requirements. The general composition is: Mo 48% - 52%, S ≤ 0.065%, P ≤ 0.023%, Cu ≤ 0.30%, SiO 28% - 14%, Pb 0.2% - 0.5%. The particle size shall not be greater than 20mm, and the particle size of 10-20mm shall not exceed 20% of the total.

Ferrosilicon powder is a powdery raw material of 75% ferrosilicon which is crushed and ball milled for reducing oxides such as molybdenum ore and scales. Ferrosilicon powder must have accurate silicon and aluminum content analysis before use. The silicon content is required to be 75%-77%. The particle size requirement is: 1.0-1.8mm not more than 1%, and the 0.5-1.0mm particle size is not more than 10%. The rest is below 0.5mm. The excessive particle size causes the ferromolybdenum to increase in silicon, and the use of high silicon-containing ferrosilicon powder is better than the silicon content.

The aluminum grain should have accurate aluminum content as the basis for the calculation of the ingredients, and the particle size should be below 3mm. The particle size is too small, it is not safe in production; if it is too large, it is unfavorable to the smelting reaction. The amount of aluminum particles to be added depends on the temperature of the cooked molybdenum ore, the amount of molybdenum, the scale of production, and the temperature conditions. Generally, each batch is blended with 5-8 kg.

The iron scale is an iron oxide scale during rolling and forging, and is an oxidizing agent and a flux in smelting. In about 30% of the smelting reaction into the alloy, it is one of the sources of iron alloys; about 70% of the scale in the form of FeO into the slag, the slag acts dilution. Requirements for iron scales: Fe ≥ 68%, S ≤ 0.05%, P ≤ 0.035%, C ≤ 0.30%, Cu ≤ 0.1%. Iron scales must be heated and dried before use to remove moisture and oil. Iron ore can also be used in production. However, iron ore has high sulfur content and is rarely used in China.

Steel scrap is the main source of iron in the alloy. It requires iron content greater than 98%. Carbon steel scrap is generally used.

The fluorite particle size should be below 20mm. It should be heated and dried before use to remove water. The CaF ≥ 90%, S ≤ 0.05%, P ≤ 0.05% in fluorite can be used. The amount of fluorite added to the charge depends on the actual slag condition and the content of SiO2 in the mature molybdenum ore. Generally, the amount of fluorite is 2-3 kg per batch.

Nitrite is sodium nitrate. When using molybdenum ore with low molybdenum content, the reducing agent can not be added due to insufficient oxygen. The calorific value of the charge is low. Nitrate can be used as a heat supplement. Each batch is added with 1-3kg. .

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