Non-line-of-sight individual wireless remote monitoring system analysis

With the development of the times, many local wireless monitoring has been unable to meet the remote monitoring needs of customers.
In order to strengthen the management of the company's employees, understand the situation of the company's branch offices and site sites, an

Talking about the Application of CNC Machining Technology

The application of CNC machining technology is a technological revolution in machine manufacturing, which has brought the development of machinery manufacturing into a new stage and improved the manufacturing level of machinery manufacturing. Providing high quality

Furnace production process outside the furnace

Cooked main raw material for production of molybdenum is molybdenum iron, molybdenum, molybdenum is a source of iron, in addition to high-grade outside of the impurities have strict requirements. T

Gold ore technology for raw ore roasting carbon slurry

Roasting carbon slurry method with gold mining technology: Gansu Longxi Gold is a large-scale gold mining, metal reserves total more than 30 tons, average grade geology of 5 g / ton. The end of 2001 completed and put into daily pr