The premise of drone-free technology needs to reach this premise

The development of driverless technology has become the new focus of competition in the world. The giants are even more and more active in advancing the commercialization of this technology. From the current point of view, although the advantages of driverless tech

The key technology of smart camera

At present, the composition and hardware technology of smart cameras have been relatively stable and mature. In order to eventually complete the monitoring tasks and intelligent technologies of smart cameras, the close cooperation of software functions is also required. Efficient video codec

How to choose horizontal tensile testing machine

A horizontal tension tester is a lying machine. Why lie down? Because the stretching space is relatively large, the sample is relatively large, and the horizontal type facilitates the installation of the sample and is easy to operate. It is suitable for tensile testing of wire and cable, rope

Pest remote real-time monitoring system "monitors" pests "every move"

The occurrence of insect pests is a group activity. Individual insect pests do not pose a great threat to crops. However, many pests have strong reproductive capacity, and sporadic pests may eventually evolve into mass events. Therefore, in the prevention and control of agricultu

Environmental monitoring

Environmental supervision and management is the scientific management of the whole process of environmental monitoring. The specific contents include: management of monitoring standards, management of monitoring points, management of sampling technology, management of sample storage and sto

YA type circular vibrating screen instructions

1, uses YA circular vibrating screen is mainly used in coal, metallurgy, mining, power generation, building materials industry, hydraulic engineering, light industry and chemical industry. A high-efficiency screening machine